Nektar Updates Panorama Keyboards With Reaper, Apple MainStage 3 Support

Nektar_Panorama_Apple_MainStage_3At the 2015 NAMM Show, Nektar introduced an update to their flagship Panorama integrated keyboard controller products P1, P4 and P6.

They now offer integrated support for Apple MainStage 3. According to the company, adding Panorama takes MainStage to another level, providing complete transparency for the musician operating MainStage without having to keep a computer monitor within view.

The custom integration for MainStage is focused on live performance. All important information is immediately visible on Panorama’s high-resolution TFT display, including Smart Control mappings, parameter values and the current Patch name in large font.

Panorama’s menu system allows for navigating Sets and Patches with a secondary navigation system offering direct selection via the 8 LED buttons.

Panorama supports all MainStage template concerts mapping controls automatically:

  • Comprehensive and transparent navigation of Sets and Patches
  • Smart Controls by default mapped to the 16 encoders
  • Tonewheel Organ drawbars mapped to the 9 faders
  • Master Volume is always available on the 100mm Alps motorized fader (P4 & P6 only)
  • Play, cycle, stop and marker controls mapped to Panorama’s transport panel controls
  • Mixer Mutes and Solos mapped to the 9 Fader buttons
  • Panorama’s controls can also be customized through MainStage’s layout view offering full flexibility.

Reaper Integration

Nektar_Panorama_Cockos_ReaperThe update also offers deep integration with Reaper, the popular DAW developed by Cockos.

With Panorama, Reaper users now benefit from transparent mixer control, transport and navigation plus for instruments and effects.

Panorama’s plugin map technology works transparently through Reaper, free from plugin wrappers or 3rd party software. A press of the instrument button on Panorama maps any inserted VSTi, AU or DX instrument’s plugin parameters to Panorama controls. Parameter names and values are presented on Panorama’s high-res color display.

Nektar mapped instruments can be navigated using a transparent menu system.

Map files can be customized or created by the user using a unique learn function. And if multiple instruments are present on the same track, a simple selection menu allows complete navigation between the layered instruments.

When it’s time to mix, Panorama’s Mixer mode transforms the instrument to a complete mixing console. Control up to 8 channels in a bank using the first 8 45mm faders and press bank over to control any additional channels. Options to control mute, solo, pan and sends are included for all 8 channels. Panorama’s motorized fader (P4 and P6 only) follows track selection for instant access to volume control at any time, in any mode.

Pricing and Availability

MainStage integration is free to existing Panorama users, becoming available early February 2015.  Reaper integration is free for all owners of Nektar Panorama advanced workflow keyboards and is available to download from Nektar’s website now. See the Nektar site for details.

19 thoughts on “Nektar Updates Panorama Keyboards With Reaper, Apple MainStage 3 Support

    1. Especially since Apple just brought AutoSampler back in Mainstage. I could personally care less about tonewheel organ simulation–but if Nektar released a mapping focused on the new sampling capabilities, I’d pretty much be forced to buy the controller and software.

      1. I’ll second Autosampler as a game-changer for any user. The EXS24 sampler is so well integrated with OS X that its enabled me to build a huge library easily. I don’t know if the new version will allow you to also sample your software synths, but mine does and its been a fun ride to streamline my favorites, as EXS files just snap to when clicked. Its really helped me to save my aging hardware and bring my Best Of software sounds under one roof. I hope this will lead more people to program for Logic now, as Kontakt has been the King too much. Also, Autosampler is NOT an instant-grat machine. Each new patch requires the setting of several parameters and sometimes, several tries before it nails things, but its had about a 97% success rate for me. You have to surf it a little, but it pays off. Anyone who uses modulars a lot should look at Mainstage more seriously now. Its an ideal way to save your happy accidents. I’m keen on seeing exactly how Apple has implemented AS.

        1. You can buy MainStage for $29. Use it to build your EXS24 library with Auto Sampler, then use those instruments and Patches inside of Logic Pro X. Both MainStage and Logic Pro X share the same content directories so whatever you make inside of one, works in the other.

          Auto Sampler works great for sampling external hardware OR software instruments. Its added as an effect plug-in and can be used to capture internal/external instruments and a chain of effects (such as EQ, compression, etc).

          The implementation in MainStage is very easy to understand and does everything you need to build an instrument effortlessly.

  1. yeah, really considering the Nektar here – this is great. (Alternative is the new Akai controller)

    by the time I’ve made up my mind, someone will come out with something else to consider.

    anyone else suffer from this problem?

    1. I will admit, this kickstarter project looks very cool, although when I read their risks at the bottom, I’m a little concerned.

    2. I have the original VAX77. Its pretty amazing and also has great support for MainStage. The action of these keyboards is terrific. I bought the Heavy Weight before they stopped making them.

    1. I have a P6 and is one of the best keyboards I have used in a controller, nice solid press for after touch, nice weight and even a nice feel to the plastic. The best all-around controller I have found, and I have tried most of them (and own about 10!)

    2. Isn’t it a Fatar keybed? I have a Fatar keybed on my Virus TI2 and it’s probably the best synth-action keybed I’ve tried before. Hopefully this would be equal quality.

  2. the P1 is phenom.

    the update to reason 8 seems to be required as it changes the ‘workflow’ and such, rendering the controller useless if you don’t upgrade.

    1. P1’s latest update works fine with Reason 7, you just miss out on the ability to create Reason devices directly from the controller, which is only possible since PH introduced their new browser in Reason 8.

      1. hmm, might need to check my firmwares. prolly just have to go back and grab older version. it probably updated to v8 mapping and i gotta toggle it back. ty for the mention.

  3. I just love my Panorama P6… Its a good “upper-shelf” keyboard and I use it with MainStage on all my tours!
    The only two problems I have is the pads and the ability for MainStage to remember the keyboard!
    Regarding the pads, I can’t change the controls-data to make them play single notes or trigger samples etc…
    They only play from the keyboard and the sound thats ON the keyboard!
    I hope they have made a change for this in the MainStage update from Nektar!
    And then it’s the connection with MainStage…
    When I make a concert I patch the P6 to all the different parameters I need and then save it!
    But when I boot up MainStage and the P6 it’s all gone, and I have to connect them all over again!
    This is very annoying!
    If it’s my fault or something in the programming in MS or the P6, I don’t know!
    I just know I have to do this at the beginning of every show.
    The pads are a lost cause for me, witch is pretty sad… Because I really like to use them as triggers for samples, drums etc, etc…

    But when I start playing… HOLY KURZWEIL it’s really nice! =D
    The respons is great and the control is inspiring!

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