Free Sample Pack Features The Sounds Of Vintage Cameras

Reader Simeon Smith has shared a free sample pack that features the sounds of vintage cameras.

Here’s what he has to say about the free sample library:

I sampled the clicks and whirs of four of my film cameras; the Lomo Lubitel, the Smena Cosmic Symbol, the Diana F and the Action Sampler.

Please feel free to download the samples and use them freely in any production that takes your fancy.

Let me know if they end up in any finished work – I’d be interested to see what becomes of these recordings.

The samples are shared via SoundCloud, and also embedded below:



24 thoughts on “Free Sample Pack Features The Sounds Of Vintage Cameras

  1. Now this is something brilliant! Haven’t thought of but now that it’s there, infinite must-have!
    Perfect for post-pro! Thank you!

  2. I do love a mechanical sample, everyone needs a servo lens motor sample – but I’ve current stopped using others found sounds, I now only make my own. I’ve started shopping with a Zoom H1 in my pocket, it saves me buying stuff just to sample the sound, if you see someone pointing a recording device around a discount store then please refrain from making noise. I recall pre-Christmas crouching in a department store sampling jingle bells, the security staff seemed bemused if this was a violation of rules or not – stealing sounds from the air? This tune is the only thing I’ve ever done with other peoples found sounds, a malaise of morning sounds as one dirfts in and out of a dream state, with the tempo of a resting heartbeat:

    1. Its a fine piece of work, not unlike a theme for an indy film, “American Horror Story” or part of a Tom Waits bit. Its vaguely eerie, with good voice drop-ins that don’t over-appear, a common pitfall. Unlike 200 replays of a drum loop, this breathes well. WIN.

  3. Very nice work, but is there no way to load the entire set at once? I’m way busy today and can’t stop to load 23 by hand….

        1. This is actually a very interesting topic. It took me about 2 minutes and, yes, absolutely I was thinking, aw geez, if only this was zipped into a single file. But then, so what? If I can’t be bothered with 2 minutes out of my day, maybe I don’t deserve these samples, that this dude is offering me for free, at the cost of only a few clicks. Total efficiency to reduce a 2 minute download to 10 seconds, is it really a good thing? Maybe that 2 minute investment is the least I can “pay” to show some interest.

  4. lots of great tidbits here! thanks for sharing and thanks so much for uploading them as wav files! i love found sounds and use a ton, but never had the though of vintage camera sounds, not like i have any of those to sample anyways, well lots of gold here, many thanks!

  5. No, I’m like Homer Simpson in front of the microwave: “I can’t wait 30 seconds, I want it NOW!” 😀 The phone rang and someone was at the door just as I wrote that. Argh, I just needed 30 more seconds! What a great sound set, very well recorded. Its not the first time I’ve landed a nice freebie on here, from nature sounds to modular experiments. You never know when some modest sample will turn out being a killer bridge or opening sound. Its a small yet inspiring form of collaboration. Simeon, you really got this one right. Thank you!

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