Denver Synth Meet This Saturday, March 14

denver-synth-meetThe Denver Synth Meet is scheduled for tomorrow, March 14th, from 10 am-10 pm.

Planned activites for the event include:

  • Synth DIY class by Synthrotek
  • Manufacturer demos by WMD, Audio Damage, Grayscale, NIIO Analog & Soundtrack Loops
  • Buy/Sell/Trade/Promote area
  • Evening electronic music performances

Multiple manufacturers are introducing or presenting their latest gear at the show, including: NIIO, Ninstrument, Audio Damage, WMD, Circuit Shaman, Synthrotek & others. And synth designer George Mattson will be on site to help introduce his new Eurorack line with Synthrotek.

See the Denver Synth Meet site for details

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