Is There Anything More 80’s Than This Synth-Pop Sinatra Cover?

Peter Baumann spent the 70’s pioneering Berlin School style synthesis with synth super-group Tangerine Dream. Albums like Phaedra, Rubycon, Ricochet  and Stratosfear.

None of these albums would adequately prepare you, though, for Strangers In The Night, Baumann’s 80’s-tacular take on the Frank Sinatra classic. 

Yes – synth-pop Sinatra.

Check it out, in all of its drum machine + synth sequence + filtered vocals + massive bangs + eye shadow = 3D animated + incomprehensible story line goodness and let us know what you think!

via Paul Maddox (Modulus/Modal Electronics) for sharing on FB.

18 thoughts on “Is There Anything More 80’s Than This Synth-Pop Sinatra Cover?

  1. Not so strange when you realize the original song (“Fremden Geh’n Vorbei”) was from a German movie. I’ve been looking for an mp3 of this for years without success.

  2. I’m guessing this is 1983.
    Simmons SDS-V played live.
    No DX7 used yet.
    Brilliant, love this sound.
    Listen to Gazebo if you want to hear more of this type of stuff.
    Anything Italo from that era.

  3. Awful…
    Bad when first heard [vinyl], and this compounds the memory…
    “makes Thomas Dolby sound immaculate”

  4. Looks like the title sequence to an 80s American cop show in which the hero drives a vehicle which has been modified to contain a talking computer, bullet proof armor, and a button that makes it jump into a 300+MPH turbo mode, ignoring the fact that nobody has fast enough reflexes to negotiate traffic at such high speeds. Nice track though.

  5. Ah, 1983. The year before it was made legal for musicians to move properly in videos.

    People forget how difficult it was back then.

  6. Time travel, air pollution, evil geometrical shapes… Great video and lovely sounds but not something to watch when you’re getting out of bed. The world is going to look very strange to me today!

  7. Wasn’t Peter Baumann in discussion with Edgar Froese about returning to Tangerine Dream shortly before Edgar died? That would have been great if it had happened. I wonder if this means he is thinking about getting back into writing music after selling off his music label.

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