Vince Clarke + Analogue Solution Intro New ‘Clarke Circuits’ Eurorack Modules


Synth pop pioneer Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Yaz) and Analogue Solutions have announced a collaboration on a new series of ‘creative and utilitarian’ Eurorack modules, being released under the name ‘Clarke’.

The initial modules announced are the VCM & VCS Auto Tune System. This self-contained Eurorack expandable MIDI-to -CV converter/calibration system provides a complete solution for tuning and scaling vintage synthesisers and modern VCO Eurorack modules.

Here’s Vince Clarke introducing the new system:

With 16 bit voltage resolution and a tune time of 10 seconds. The unit can compensate for VCO alignment issues and environmental factors that cause tuning drift with the push of a button. Its Digital Automatic Audio Gain Control Circuitry (DAGCC) enables the unit to be connected to most synthesizer outputs, and has been tested on a large array of makes and models.

“While obviously not being capable of fixing the problems of faulty circuitry,” notes Clarke, “it will however save time and money on re–calibration, and ensure the technical side of synth ownership doesn’t impinge on the creative process.”


  • VCM20 – £189 + tax & delivery
  • VCS20 – £189 + tax & delivery

See the Analogue Solutions site for details.

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        1. I think it’s funny that you think I was complaining when I wasn’t. I actually thought it was funny. But, just so you know, I disliked your comment, because I actually didn’t like it.

  1. DAMN IT!!!!

    i’ve been working for MONTHS on a vco auto tuner and calibration circuit!!!

    COMPETITION ON!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m really pleased to see this, but Silent Way / Volta will also auto-calibrate to your synth, and provide lots of other functions besides, all while maintaining sample-accurate sync to your DAW.

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