iRig 2 Interface Now Shipping

IK Multimedia has announced that it is now shipping the iRig 2 – a guitar and bass interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Android.

The iRig 2 improves on its predecessor by providing better sound quality and more universal compatibility.

The iRIg 2

irig-2-interfaceThe iRig 2 plugs directly into the mini jack input of a mobile device. It lets musicians send an instrument signal to apps, such as IK’s AmpliTube, while also providing on-board output for real-time monitoring.

iRig 2 now comes with gain control, which lets users precisely adjust the input gain of their instrument to match their mobile device. This means that it can be customized to provide the best sound, no matter what type of guitar, bass or line-level instrument is being used.

iRig 2 now not only works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, but that it also supports the complete line of new Samsung Professional Audio devices. Using the Android version of AmpliTube, iRig 2 is fully compatible with Note 3, Note 4, Galaxy Edge, Galaxy S5 and also the forthcoming S6.

Plus iRig 2 also offers compatibility with Android 5 devices. As the most convenient way to bring a guitar signal into a mobile device, it lets musicians use the hundreds of available tuning and recording apps available, such as the forthcoming UltraTuner for Android.

Its new 1/4″ amplifier output, in addition to its traditional 1/8″ headphone output, allows iRig 2 to be plugged directly into a guitar amplifier or powered speakers without an adaptor.

A new FX/THRU switch allows iRig 2 to send either a wet or dry signal through the device. This means that guitarists can play live with an amplifier and use their mobile device with a tuner app, such as IK’s UltraTuner, or a recording app, such as IK’s iRig Recorder, to record a dry signal for further processing.

iRig 2 comes with a clip and a velcro strip so it can be firmly installed on a microphone stand, avoiding accidental disconnection.

The iRig 2 interface is now available from select music and consumer electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK Online Store, at the same price of the original iRig,1, $39.99 (excluding taxes). For more information, see the iRig 2 site.

15 thoughts on “iRig 2 Interface Now Shipping

  1. I find the original a pretty handy thing to have around, mostly for quick recording of a jam from my studio mixer. Sound quality wasn’t great, but it did the job quickly which was the priority, it’s also nice to have it fit in a pocket or pencil case so you always have it around when needed.

    1. Thanks, Garak, yes iRig and now iRig 2 were for the most portable solution. Many musicians found that the ability to quickly get ideas recorded and practicing almost anywhere were the most important aspects and use – and at a very affordable price. For more pristine audio quality, we have iRig HD and iRig PRO which are made for those who need the higher quality.

      1. I recently bought an iRig Pro for field recording. It looks pretty slick & is well-made. It has plenty of gain and low noise in the mic pre-amp. It is really easy on the bus power. The MIDI in and being able to use it on my iPhone 6, iPad and MacBook Air seal the deal. I paid $150, but they are selling now for $125-$130 at various dealers.

        My only wish for the iRig Pro would have been for a headphone amp for direct monitoring. But given how little this thing is, I understand the compromise.

        At $40, iRig 2 looks like a great device for guitarists.

        1. Good to know which are the higher end options if I want to go that way.

          For me the fact that the ipad and iPhone don’t have line out is incredibly frustrating and keeps tripping me up so that’s why I have a fondness, ever time I remember, oh yeah that’s twhat that device is for!

          I haven’t invesitgated other options because the whole market is very confusing, I think the fact that the iRig worked on any device with the 3.5 jack rather than worrying about lightning docks etc …. Everyone’s different.

  2. This is great if you are on a very strict budget, have absolutely no other choice, don’t care about audio quality or reliability, and have no expectations whatsoever of meaningful support or updates!

    Heck the built in microphone in your phone will do a reasonable job for those ‘moments’ and even no audio recording at all for 6 months while you save up £20 a month for something that will actually do the job properly (e.g. Roland Capture Duo EX) is probably a better option.

    Otherwise… I highly recommend you look elsewhere… actually, *anywhere* else would probably be an improvement!

    1. If you have had a problem with support or updates, please contact us directly at Our products are also very reliable and starting with the original iRig have had excellent quality assurance (original iRig units were unique in having every single unit tested before being shipped, vs most in the market only spot checking one out of every X number of units. That is probably why those interfaces are no longer around or are not household brands/names like iRig and iRig became the most popular interface with over a million units sold to date).

      Support handles many tickets very well, and AmpliTube is has been in the top music apps on the App Store for years and receives updates.

      Either way, if you have an issue, IK’s door is – as always – open to you and you have multiple methods of contact available to you to express any issues you might have. I’m sure they can be resolved.

      As for iRig 2, it is definitely a budget-conscious solution, and for guitarists who want to plug in their guitar and get actual effected guitar sounds (as well as using apps that accept line level input) the built-in microphone is a far cry from doing the job there. The built-in microphone on a smartphone is not a high-z/instrument input and would result in far worse guitar sounds as I’m sure most here realize.

      1. Sure, the microphone is a ‘far cry’ from using a line in, but I’ll tell you what’s a much bigger ‘far cry’ the apparent change in your attitude… you guys were absolutely obnoxious with me and I’ve always hated you ever since. I was poor and I saved for months and months to buy my first and last ever product from you guys and I NEVER got it working. You didn’t help. You were extremely offensive and blamed me instead of taking responsibility. As far as I am concerned you stole my money and then refused to support me and/or give me my money back.

        I know I am not alone in this experience!

        And no, you’re not getting a second chance. I’m usually a very forgiving person, but there are limits and you went a ‘far cry’ beyond them!

        I think you are horrible people who got rich by stepping on folks, I don’t like you and never will!

        p.s. I am happy for the folks who have had a good experience with IK, you’re LUCKY!!!!

        1. Please provide a ticket number or other information about the experience you had and I will escalate it and we can learn from it. I assure you that is not the norm, quite the exception, and I’m willing to help figure out what happened in your case. Thank you.

    2. I can tell you now the audio is significantly better than using the built in mic. I have had reliability issues, but I’ve had those with every single thing I plug into an iPad/phone. Every upgrade I cross my fingers that the hardware will still work.

  3. Also, there’ll be iRig HD 2 out soon no doubt as well (guessing). I have HD original but with a real audio interface like Focusrite, kind of a waste.

    1. iRIg HD is a real interface, which requires no mains power and fits in your pocket. If you need more inputs, or other features, of course a full-size interface will give you more but with trade-offs. IK looks to provide a range of products for mobile users which fit their needs and task at hand.

    2. I use my iRig (basic) out of the focusrite for quick recordings of Jams, was considering getting the hd so I could get better quality of the audio and circumvent the focusrite which has to go to my PC… Or does It?

  4. I’ve never had any problem with any of IK Multimedia’s hardware or software. The original iRig was a useful low cost solution, and this appears to improve on that. I work with a lot of musicians who are exploring using iPads more and more both in practice and on stage. IK is one of the first places I suggest they look when deciding on how to integrate their iPads.

  5. I’ve had the original iRig for years, never had a problem with it or its performance. Also have an iRig Midi 2 for my iPad mini which is superb. So I can’t understand why people are being so negative about IK Multimedia’s products.

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