Noise Makers Intros Binauralizer Spatialization Plugin

Noise Makers has introduced Binauralizer – a spatialization plugin for Mac & Windows (VST, AU, AAX). 


  • Full 360º panning with left/right and front/back effects
  • Intuitive 2D pad for simultaneous control of source width and position
  • Multiple input formats (mono/stereo/surround)
  • One output format (binaural stereo)
  • Binauralizer uses Head Related Transfert Functions (HRTFs) specifically designed to simulate sound location/width with great accuracy and naturalness.

Binauralizer is available now, with a launch price until March 22 of EUR 49 (regularly EUR 89). A demo version is also available.

5 thoughts on “Noise Makers Intros Binauralizer Spatialization Plugin

  1. A bit confused here. True binaural also accounts for the altitude in addition to the azimuth does is not? As our heads combfilter the hieight of the source also. I know Logic Pro includes a binaural with height settings and doppler simulation as well. Trying to find out if this can also do this and if it’s any better…

    1. It is much like this free plugin that is no longer developed (forgot the name, tried it a few days ago, still works).
      Panorama is a good plugin with the needed features.

  2. I read the detailed discussion of Panorama on Wavearts site. It appears that Panorama is much more sophisticated in addressing stereo or mono headphone or speaker placement, and also includes processes that address altitude and the interaction of the sound with the listeners body masses/dynamics. Yes, Panorama is 149 dollars, which is considerably more than this plug-in (note the demo of this plug-in does not allow you to test the stereo capabilities. seems like a short fall if they really want you to hear what it can do) but at face value, it seems like Panorama would be a more precise tool for audio spacial dynamics.

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