Photos From The 2015 Denver Synth Meet


The 2015 Denver Synth Meet – held Saturday, March 14 at the Expo Hall in Denver, CO – featured gear galore, manufacturer demos, a synth DIY soldering class and more.

Here’s a collection of Synthtopia’s photo’s from the event:

Attendees and vendors brought a wide variety of both vintage and new gear. including: classics from Oberheim, Sequential and Electrocomp; massive Eurorack modular systems; and some unique electronic music oddities.

Synthrotek held a soldering class, for musicians interested in learning more about synth DIY. Synth designer George Mattson & Steve Harmon of Synthrotek spent hours getting people, of a wide range of ages, up to speed with soldering and DIY synth building:

Several companies were showing new gear at the show, including Circuit Shaman, WMD, NIIO, Audio Damage, Black Market Modular and others:

In the evening, the Denver Synth Meet featured 5+ hours of electronic music performances:

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    1. No, Dave was conspicuously absent, although Sequential was well represented by a Prophet 5, Pro One, and Prophet 600.

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