Audio Damage Intros Odio 2-in 2-out USB Audio Interface

IMGP5770At the 2015 Denver Synth Meet, Chris Randall of Audio Damage, right, introduced the Odio – a 2-in 2-out USB audio interface that runs at modular audio levels (10v p-p).

Odio was originally designed to make it easy to use with iOS devices with your modular – for recording, running insert effects or instruments.

Odio is a class-compliant USB audio interface, though, so it can be also be used with any Linux, Mac or Windows computer to integrate VST plug-in effects as inserts in your modular.

It also offers DC-coupled outputs, so it can also be used as an output pair for apps like Silent Way or Volta.



  • Class-compliant USB audio device. No driver required for Linux, OS X, Windows, and iOS. (iOS use requires Camera Connection Kit. Windows requires XP SP2 or later.)
  • Audio runs at 10v p-p modular levels on both input and output.
  • DC-coupled outputs for use with Silent Way, Volta, and other CV output software products.
  • Easily record high-quality audio with your Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and Soundcloud apps directly on your phone.
  • 80ma current draw from the +12V rail, 5ma on the -12v rail. No 5V required.
  • 48kHz 16-bit resolution.
  • 4HP wide, 53mm deep. May fit some skiffs and shallow cases; check your clearances.

Randall shared that the Odio was actually designed before their many other Eurorack modules:

This is actually our first Euro design, which we announced several years ago. We decided not to make it (simply put: the market wasn’t ready for it yet. Digital stuff in Euro was still a new concept, and the iPad was brand new.)

So we gave the design to Paul Schreiber, which he announced as the E610. Again, it was still too early, so he decided not to make it. But Paul refined the design a bit in the process.

A couple months ago, I asked Paul if we could have the design back, and another round of refinements, and here we are. The time is finally right for something like this.

The Audio Damage Odio is priced at US $249.00. See the AD site for more info.

via FSK1138

10 thoughts on “Audio Damage Intros Odio 2-in 2-out USB Audio Interface

  1. Great idea. Bridging your modular to the computer realm via one cable. I do find the sample rate/bit depth a bit low for recording though.

    1. Yeah.
      48KHz, 16bits!
      Shoult be at least 96KHz/24bit.

      Isn’t the whole purpose of ‘analog’ is that it doesn’t have aliasing and the limitations of bit-depth or resolution!

  2. That’s really cool! Especially at that small size! I didn’t realize that Instagram, etc. would also record from external USB audio interfaces. Pair that with a CVpal and you’ve got you iPad completely integrated for audio recoding and sequencing. Whoop!

  3. Very nice!!!

    How about an 8hp version with line level IO alongside those modular rated IOs and some nice routing options – I’d buy that!!

  4. price aside…this is a cool product.

    i think by definition once something is “modular”. you can get silly with the price ($200+ for anything that does something). it’s what the market is used to now. maybe a function of how many people are buying this stuff. But if supply is any marker of what demand is. I would hope the prices get more competitive as the product development is.

    I stand alone two in/out channel dc-coupled class-compliant usb (bus-powered) device for like $100~ would be pretty dope and useful too (outside modular context)

    also totally doable. (ahem)



    p.s. something with no preamps for this kind of money is a bit silly. just cause it fits in a eurorack format. no disrespect to Audio Damage because they make dope stuff.

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