New Release – Dave Bessell’s Black Horses Of The Sun

dave-bessell-black-horsesDiN has released Black Horses of the Sun – the latest release from Dave Bessell (Node).

The new album builds on the atmospheric style of Bessell’s previous releases, but adds a more melodic focus.

Here’s what the label has to say about the new album:

An eclectic variety of stylistic influences flicker through this music, from classical to industrial, Berlin school ambient to jazz, to the Eno, Fripp & Bowie collaborations of the Berlin years through to echoes of psytrance. All make their appearance from time to time.

Overall there is often a widescreen cinematic sense of scale, which would not be out of place in a film soundtrack.

Here’s a preview, Skyrim from Black Horses Of The Sun:

Bessell is joined on one track each by:

  • Ian Boddy (mainstay of the UK analog synth scene);
  • Lyonel Bauchet (French TV and Film composer and Buchla wizard); and
  • Liam Boyle (versatile soundtrack composer).

The tools used are predominantly analog hardware, with a sprinkling of contributions from custom written software alongside treated guitar.

  • Dave Bessell: Macbeth M5n, Moslab system 32, Club of the Knobs sequencer, Alesis Andromeda, Korg Volca Bass, self made software (physical modelling & improvising sequencer), Les Paul Fender, Twin Laney Lionheart, assorted pedals and outboard
  • Liam Boyle: Fender Strat, Prophet 08, Roland SH-05, Synthi A, Reaktor, scraped spring reverb
  • Ian Boddy: Serge modular, Analogue Systems French Connection keyboard, Moog Voyager
  • Lyonel Bauchet: Buchla 200e modular & assorted Buchla modules

See the DiN site for more info.

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