Free Roland AIRA System-1 Sound Banks

Roland has released three free sound banks for the System-1 Plug-Out synthesizer.

You can preview the sound banks with the videos, embedded above. 

Here’s what Roland has to say about the System-1 sound banks:

  • AIRA SYSTEM-1 Sound Bank Volume 1 – AIRA SYSTEM-1 Sound Bank Volume 1 includes 8 new sounds including thick pads, leads, arps and atmospheres. Use the Filter and ADSR controls to customize the sounds to your taste. Customize the arps using Scatter and Arpeggio controls.
  • AIRA SYSTEM-1 Sound Bank Volume 2 – AIRA SYSTEM-1 Sound Bank Volume 2 includes 8 new sounds including organs, bells, – pads, arps and bass. Use the Filter and ADSR controls to customize the sounds to your taste. Adjusting the LFO rates to patches 1 and 8 will change their behavior.
  • AIRA SYSTEM-1 Sound Bank Volume 3 – AIRA SYSTEM-1 Sound Bank Volume 3 includes 8 new sounds including bass, stabs, arps and leads. Use the Filter and ADSR controls to customize the sounds to your taste. Customize the arps using Scatter and Arpeggio controls.

The System-1 sound banks are free downloads from the Roland site.

11 thoughts on “Free Roland AIRA System-1 Sound Banks

  1. i don´t think this sounds are so obsolete if you listen carefully 😉 had a lot of analog gear back in the eighties…

    btw, i love my System 1. For future updates i wish more storage for patches and an AU version like the SH-2 and SH-101.

  2. Not nearly as obsolete as the System-1 will be in next to no time.

    As a long time Roland admirer I was so excited when they anounced their decision to re-create some of the old classics. That admiration soon turned into dissapointment upon realising the direction they chose to go.

    A seriously cheap (not in price though) and cynical product. That Roland managed to reproduce the sounds of some of their own synth’s in plug-in form fairly accurately is good but hardly astounding. Nevertheless the plugins are the System-1’s best feature. Horrid aesthetic, worst keys I’ve ever touched, only 2 octaves of them, useless as a midi controller, no mod wheel, no aftertouch, miserly 8 user preset and plugout storage, miserly polyphony, reliance upon Roland to continue supplying up to date drivers (optimistic at best)….the whole concept is such a poor way to enter the VST market which they have so persistently avoided for so long.

    I really wanted to like this too – a sad bit of kit Woeland.

  3. I’ve had the System 1 for a good while now and I have to say I think it’s a great synth.
    I have no idea what people expect it to do as it’s always been sold as a performance synth. Tweakable some may say.
    For me, the sound of it is great. It has depth and is very easy to understand and create some very interesting tones. The Plugout technology has the promise of being a real bonus for a user like me and, I’ve owned some stunning synths in my time (30 years) and some utter failures too. However, a £50k Moog Modular it is not and it will never sound like one. It’s not a bespoke customer made boutique Buchla either. It’s a high volume budget synth with some great features and a quirky OS and even quirkier look and I like it.
    The days of the Jupiter 8 are gone for Roland. The JDXA is their way forward and I like it.

  4. You forgot the big one, no velocity. I can’t work that one out, where do you even buy a keybed without velocity in today’s market? Roland most have paid extra to make a featureless keybed. If this had a mod wheel with pitch wheel next to it, 37 keys, velocity and aftertouch then I think many would have brought it just as a midi controller for synths with all those knobs, for some special per-knob function control. As it stands it is a useless controller without any level of expression. It is like Roland has purposely feature limited it so people don’t do that, saying, nobody is going to use our synth as a midi controller for other plugins. And I feel the plugin/plugout stuff is too gimmicky – you are in or you are out, and when playing most people are in that box to some degree, so this thing will be wired up most of the time – and a little Roland Plugin isn’t going to make a dent on your CPU, yet too limited in scope to be unpluged realistically. Roland seems to be the place where bad ideas go to get given life – it is odd, it is almost like Roland despise having a desirable product.

  5. Thanks, but no thanks Roland. I’m still sticking to my JP-8080…the last worthwhile synth that they ever produced (even if it’s a VA).
    The folks over in Osaka have gone off in a direction that most long time Roland users either don’t care about, or understand why. Meanwhile other (and in a lot of cases smaller) manufacturers are churning out superb machines, leaving Roland in their wake…a real shame.
    By all means produce the Arias, JD’s and other light ridden gizmos for that market segment; but please try and remember that there are many of us who remember what Roland were once great at:
    building great synths.

  6. hello guys , i bought system 1 and this is the frist time with synth , i can’t open or use the Librarian to change the device’s effect , pleas i need help 🙁 how to open the Librarian after instaling it any video or refrance

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