AudioRealism Announces ABL3 Bassline Synth Rack Extension, VST Version In The Works


AudioRealism has announced ABL3 – a new version of their Roland TB-303 inspired bassline synthesizer – is coming to Reason as a Rack Extension.

The ABL3 engine is a complete rewrite from scratch and has been in development for many years with the goal of making the most authentic 303 emulation possible.


  • Authentic 303 emulation
  • Natural knob response, tuned to match the original 303 both in range and response
  • Built-in 303/Rebirth style step sequencer with 64 steps
  • 200+ bundled preset patterns
  • Hard sync to the host’s transport
  • Supports 4 patterns of 16 steps, 2 patterns of 32 steps or 1 pattern of 64 steps
  • CV/Gate input to control the sound engine externally
  • CV/Gate output to control other Reason devices from the step sequencer
  • CV Modulation inputs for Tuning, Cutoff, etc.
  • Resonance and Gate Time trimmers that allow tweaking the emulation to your liking
  • Three different VCO Models
  • Settings for VCA Clicks and VCA Noise
  • Pattern modifiers with Random, Alter, Copy, Paste functions
  • Unique vibrato which is activated by setting UP+DOWN on steps. This effect is one of the few extensions to the 303 that we are launching ABL3 with.
  • Full 48 and 96kHz support, which means the engine uses the full bandwidth of the project setting

A VST version is also in the works, but will be released after the RE version.

Pricing and availability details are to be announced.

12 thoughts on “AudioRealism Announces ABL3 Bassline Synth Rack Extension, VST Version In The Works

  1. and when everybody thought that 303 cloning was finished, then other 303 clon comes out . wooow , that tb303 is definitely A LEGEND

  2. My favorite RE for Reason (my favorite DAW) gets updated. AudioRealism is going to add tons of cool features to it. The sound was already great in version 2. All those little features show that AudioRealism really cares. I own Redominator too, it is great.

    AudioRealism are one of the best developers out there.

  3. ABL is good, but I got a FR 777 a few years ago and it runs circles around any 303 clone, because it does 303 sounds extremely well, plus it’s got overdrive distortion built-in, plus it has additional oscillators, plus more modulation, plus it’s a MIDI to CV converter, plus it makes a great monosynth module. Future Retro didn’t just make another clone, they made a forward-looking bass synth that really sounds fantastic. Maybe they were too early in the analog revival for people to get what they were doing.

  4. The TB-303 will never go completely out of style in my opinion. Its simple electronic tones mixed with its expressive step sequencer blends artifice and nature in a optimal way. It really can’t be considered a mere trend at this point.

  5. People get down on it but I honestly really welcome it. I was a first year user of Rebirth so XOX programming tends to jive with me really well in software. I can click around it particularly fast at this point. Even though I could have many 303 clones the fact that this interfaces 303 style instead of intending to be used with either Matrix or the piano roll is an extremely worth the price for me you could predict it being in the range of. Theres just something about 303 programming that clicks to me a little faster than any other midi input interface.

  6. can all the negative people please stand up and leave

    don’t like this site most of the times because of you

    if you don’t like the posts then go away

    am sure there is better things you can be doing 🙂


  7. The ABL3 rack extension will be much more modular than the current ABL2 RE. A modularized 303 clone that can interact with other reason devices is going to be great fun. Can’t remember if it has envelope out but i hope it’ll have a ton of i/o. Reason can’t be for everyone, i get this. But nothing is as modular and as easy to use as Reason. With al the rage over eurorack, i’m surprised that there isn’t a whole lot of people trying Reason again. It’s like a nearly infinite modular that costs less as some eurorack modules.

  8. I have been using ABL 2 for years to write midi to my TT-303 (have never used it’s own tones) and tweek lines, the software to hardware has been invaluable. If there is a good alternative please let me know, ABL is fantastic for many uses!

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