Double Your Fun: KMI Unveils 2Neo Pad Controller


Capitalizing on the wild popularity of their velocity-sensitive alternative MIDI pad controllers, Keith McMillen Instruments today teased a first look at their super-sized instrument, the 2Neo.

Matthew Hettich, Head of Marketing & Artist Relations for KMI, told us:

Like its little brother, 2Neo is a disruptive revolution in pad controller design– 2Neo is almost two pad controllers in one. This is a revolutionary new revolutionary pad controller!

Of course, like our other controllers, 2Neo can sense all 127 levels of velocity, giving you UNPRECEDENTED control over your JAM! We even added a special 128th level for advanced users!

With almost 600 LEDs, 2Neo provides more than enough visual feedback– even if your show is in the dark, cold vacuum of outer space!!!

PLUS, 2Neo is completely road proof & fits in your large backpack or roller board suitcase!!

Pricing and availability for the 2Neo are yet to be announced. For more information about the instrument, however, or to pre-order, check out this link.

5 thoughts on “Double Your Fun: KMI Unveils 2Neo Pad Controller

  1. Keith really doesn’t want to make more money! maybe he just hasnt found the right person or firm to speed up the design and release of the bigger versions of products that they have admitted EVERYBODY is asking for

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