Roland Australia Leaks New V-Cowbell

more-cowbellRoland Corporation’s Australia branch today announced the availability of their new CB-9 V-Cowbell Trigger Bell.

The high-tech cowbell is equipped with the Roland Supernatural sound engine and over 200 sounds.

According to the company, the V-Cowbell delivers “authentic cowbell-ness”, using Roland’s proprietary technology to sound just like the real thing.

Here’s the official intro video:

More Cowbell And More

The CB-9 also features legacy drum sounds of Roland 808s, 909s, 707s, 606s and more. It can do expressive acoustic instruments, DJ scratches and more.

But wait – there’s more. The V-Cowbell also features Roland’s patented D-Beam control. And if that’s not enough, it offers not one, but two volume controls, delivering twice the volume control!

Roland Australia representatives were not available to comment on whether they cribbed the idea from, or collaborated with, Brad Delp of Delptronics, whose Thunderbell analog cowbell (and alternative mini kit version) debuted at NAMM 2015. (Seriously.) Inspired by the Korg KR-55, the Thunderbell lacks the signature Roland Supernatural sound engine, but rather has an analog gate input and pitch voltage control input.

Pricing and availability for the B-9 V-Cowbell Trigger Bell are to be announced.

22 thoughts on “Roland Australia Leaks New V-Cowbell

    1. “Is it going to also be plug-out?”

      It would be great if you could download the ACB models of classic analog cowbells of the past. But I doubt that it would satisfy the cowbell purists.

      1. Just because some of us actually fly over to Switzerland to get the real deal doesn’t mean that we’re purist snobs…It’ all in the sound! These cheap Japanese knock-offs can’t even come close!!!

  1. Excellent! I just bought the new Boss CLP-5000 (5000 classic clap sounds, all in one box)…
    so this will be the perfect companion for it.
    Q: Does anybody know if it can be triggered from my Aira2Key (one black key & one white key) controller???

  2. I’ve owned several vintage cowbells in my time and I can tell you from personal experience they are a nightmare to keep in tune, and are forever breaking down on stage just when you go for a cowbell hit! I’ve had many a happy crowd turn nasty when I couldn’t give them some cowbell action at the right moment. So this V-Cowbell is going to be a welcome addition to my setup! 😉

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