Tangerine Dream Lives; Band Plans To Continue After Death Of Founder Edgar Froese

tangerine-dream-froese-franke-baumannSeminal German synth group Tangerine Dream will live on, after the death of founder Edgar Froese, say the surviving band members.

The group will also be working again with Peter Baumann, who was part of Tangerine Dream from 1971-77, as part of the much-loved Baumann, Franke & Froese period.

The group made the announcement in the Tangerine Dream newsletter:

Hi everyone,

It’s still not easy to address some words to you as we all do miss Edgar immensely…..

But we think we owe you an explanation why we have decided to continue working together despite the painful loss of Edgar.

On numerous occasions over the past months Edgar explained his vision for what was to become the first album of the ‘Quantum Years’. Some of the changes he suggested were rather radical ones, others more aiming towards an evolutionary progression of what’s been there already.

As a consequence we (Edgar, Thorsten and Ulrich) had already begun working on material for this project – the initial plan was to get together at some point during the first half of this year and to create a joint record on the basis of those ideas.
It’ll be the greatest challenge since we started making music to finish this project without Edgar’s physical presence but due to the instructions he has already given us and the sketches he recorded, we feel that we should at least try to realize Edgar’s vision.

We assure you that we’ll do our best to produce a result that is as close as possible to what he would’ve wanted it to be.

We’re also grateful that Peter Baumann (ex-member of TD) has agreed to support us with this project – he’ll even be present during the 2nd half of a longer recording session that’s currently been scheduled for this April.

Again, we’re fully aware of the extreme challenge that this task represents – but we’re also hoping that we’ll manage to come up with a result that will satisfy Edgar – and you.

The announcement appears to contradict the wishes of Froese’s son and former TD member, Jerome Froese, who recently said that “Tangerine Dream was my Dad and my Dad is dead, and so is Tangerine Dream.”

What do you think of the idea of Tangerine Dream living on, without Edgar Froese? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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45 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Lives; Band Plans To Continue After Death Of Founder Edgar Froese

  1. I’m confused. So this “resurrection” of TD will be just for this one project for which Froese left the mentioned instructions and sketches?

  2. If they can get Chris Franke back in addition to Baumann then this could end up being a Dream lineup. IMO the band went downhill over the years and became elevator muzak.

    1. add Johannes schmoelling into the
      equation and it is a serious project. you then have a key member from each era. allow each member interpret this ideas.

      1. I have followed u guys not only Edgar. He sends his love to u via a this next project. U guys need to see u to are tangerine dream listeners and band members alike. I even write NY own tangerine dream music. .sorry Edgar is passed . but we will listen to his music again and again . I love tangerine dream and saw edgar sick in photos. I knew he would pass. But all the band left are to tangerine dream. Sorry jerimi I love to hear this new music to. In heaven his music was created before Edgar even lived and I think u guys tap into Edgar and what he would do if any other band member passed. That’s a the way I think Edgar would have loved it. Pre virgine days are what I like but even music from a few years is still good criss frank I do your best as u are Edgar’s friend .

      2. I agree. The ONLY credence the group would have is if Chris, Peter, and Johannes were back. Not slamming Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, or Ulrich Schnauss. All of whom are excellent in their own right. But this is beginning to feel like Queen minus Freddie Mercury.

  3. Not sure what to think on this, especially after Jerome’s announcement last month.

    TD was always Froese’s baby, but the only two lineups that really did anything for me were the Franke, Froese Baumann period and the Franke, Froese Schmoelling period. Baumann & Schmoeelling each brought some things to the band that pushed them to higher levels.

  4. Froese and TD died musically in the 90s anyway, and from that point onwards absolutely and unashamedly devalued the Tangerine Dream banner in every possible way. Let it lie in peace now so they are remembered for the good they did.

  5. Why? Sounds like a money grab. Oh yeah, they still have an artistic statement to make (LOL).

    This reminds me of the Who and Van Halen going on tour nowadays. They are definitely post heyday. It’s to the point of embarrassment. Did you see how much David Lee Roth sucked on Jimmy Kimmel?

    This is like too many seasons of M*A*S*H. At least the creators of shows like Downton Abbey know when to call it quits while the show is still on top. Of course, with TD, there have already been too many seasons.

    1. Schmoelling was TD in the 5 years he was with them, an absolute genius, Poland the live album and tracks such as Charly The Kid..what a musician

  6. It’s all the rage these days – as long as the band has at least one ‘original’ member, they can keep touring. Well, one or fewer.

    “Ladies and gentlemen – The Beatles! Featuring Julian Lennon, Stella McCartney, Dhani Harrison and /or Zac Starkey (depending on availability).”

    1. Actually you do not even need a single living relative. Many of those legendary rock bands are now “officially sanctioning” cover bands.

      It shouldn’t be that strange though. Just because Beethoven is dead no one should play his music?

      Personally, I can’t stand a band that goes well past its prime and just goes out and plays the hits (with no new recordings) just to grab some bucks. But if that is what people want to pay for feel free. I’ll find different outlets for my cash.

  7. I remember reading an interview with Edgar Froese 20 odd years ago where he said that he hoped TD would carry on forever with an evolving lineup. Possibly in Electronic Soundmaker magazine.

    1. But at that time he probably assumed his son would carry on TD… Now he’s the one not involved, while his second wife is about to “finish” Edgar’s already finished biography and apparently determined to keep the money flowing.

      Btw, it doesn’t say anywhere that Baumann will actually make music, just that he’ll be “present”.

    2. has allways listening at edgars word and thinking this way do the job and make edgar happy in the sky we all now for shure that edgar wanna make the best sounds and music all time high soo okey try to do the job then see what happens from me to all td lovers good luck from the sweden corner of tangerine dreams i will allways love edgars job

  8. Seems a shame to leave a Galaxy Class pioneering vessel sitting at the knackers yard just because it’s captain and main pilot is no longer available to guide the thing. I’m sure it’s old first officer could assume a level of control and perhaps steer it towards some new uncharted regions.

    I haven’t really followed the band at all since the middle to late 80’s, but I do know that no one person has ever fully defined Tangerine Dream’s sound. I think there could be no better tribute to Edgar than for the name Tangerine Dream to continue beyond his own possible input. Froese was amazing at times, but then, so were many others.

    1. “Seems a shame to leave a Galaxy Class pioneering vessel sitting at the knackers yard”

      I was going to ask why on earth you still thought that was the case, then I read this bit :

      ” haven’t really followed the band at all since the middle to late 80’s”

  9. The simple truth is that the name of a band has no bearing whatsoever on its personnel, nor the type nor quality of the music it produces. Personally, I think that bands should die naturally, but many accountants hold a different view.

  10. I think Franke-Froese-Baumann produced some of the most intriguing, beautiful and haunting electronic music ever
    Schmoelling did a superb job too
    Hastlinger saw the beginning of the end
    After that, what can I say? Really boring music, poor sounds, too much recycled stuff and the realization that you can own a name but you can’t own the creativity once is gone
    Edgar Froese produced some great solo albums: Epsilon in Malasian Pale and Macula Transfer
    As for Jerome Froese, oh well…
    Let Edgar rest in peace

  11. 30 years ago I saw “The Who Final Tour” – didn’t exactly work out that way. Now that I think about it, somebody could probably sue them over that. I paid a premium to watch their “final” show on TV. I never would have paid that money had I know it wasn’t their final show. I want my money back. It’s the only way I can afford a beer at their next show.

  12. I fond it rather disheartening to see all these people who are unfamiliar with newer TD music trash-talking everything post Franke. Yes, their style has changed, but guess what? It has changed again, and then again. Their sound is now a little more like the classic eras again, but modernized. This may not appeal to everyone, but it does appeal to some, and IMO they have continued to put out great material, even though there has been admittedly a bit too much of it, allowing the quality control to be compromised.

    Either way, recent material by Froese and Quaeschning was continuing to develop, and with Froese’s bringing in Ulrich Shnauss and setting an actual plan for the next album or two, he left a final piece of his legacy waiting to be fulfilled. I am sincerely glad the rest of the band is at least trying to do that. Yes, maybe they should let it go once that is completed, but for now it is not. It doesn’t strike me as any sort of “grab” given the circumstances.

    Let’s hear what Thorsten and Ulrich do to wrap things up, and be thankful that we have the opportunity to either care or not. 🙂

  13. The recent “Sonic Poem” albums are really good. Quit sassin’ on the internet and start listening!!!! “Island of the Fay” and “Angel of the West Window” are probably my favorite.

    1. Indeed, those two really are great, at the level of their old classic albums, and I was pretty astonished that they both came out in 2011.

  14. I would love to see Schmoelling and Franke back together
    Baumann was incredible but my favourite line up was EF CF JS

  15. Tangerine Dream have been such an inspiration to so many, bringing their totally unique “Berlin School” style to the masses. They literally changed my whole outlook on music back in the 70s(with the help of the late great John Peel).Personally, I long to see the band continue on, even though Edgar has gone and the prospect of Chris and Peter &/or Johannes re-joining would be one hell of an exciting idea for the TD name to flourish…I’m sure we all long for that and perhaps a re-examination of the signature analogue sequencer style once more like Rubycon or Richochet….Pure Heaven! God Bless Edgar Froese and may he rest in peace and the music continue on!

  16. The Dream must continue to live on … Edgar would have wanted the previous members to experiment to create new Dreams without him …

  17. Does anyone know what happened between Edgar Froese and Chris Franke? Froese made a statement once that Franke is the only person in the world he wouldn’t have tea with………

  18. Genesis without Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd without Roger Waters, Queen without Freddie Mercury, Marillion without Fish… They all live on more or less, different today, and that is ok, but they still have their fans.
    If todays Tangere Dream would ask me to play with them, i would join 🙂

    Rest in Peace Edgar.

  19. I think Bianca Froese is doing a great job at keeping the Tangerine Dream money machine rolling. Musically it is pointless IMHO. Out of respect for Edgar, they should stop using the band name Tangerine Dream,

    An interesting line-up might be Jerome Froese – Johannes Schmoelling – Peter Baumann. Especially after hearing Baumann’s latest album.

  20. It is akin to blasphemy that “Tangerine Dream” has decided to continue performing using that name. It is not only blasphemous, it reeks of greed. Let them spew forth their claims of “spirit” and “carrying on”. Bullshit. No one is stopping them from performing together. They can even perform TD material, publishing rights will remain satisfied. But let’s be real – they are also doing this because of fear – plain and simple. Fear that no one will buy their recordings or see their shows without the TD name. I respect all the members of the band. Musically. But I have no respect for them being in a band that has no original TD members. In the US I believe that it is illegal in some states to do so. Or at least this has come up when two bands that use the same name, the one with no original members has no rights to use it, where the one who does may use the name. But I digress. The current band that calls themselves Tangerine Dream, isn’t Tangerine Dream. “Fans” who continue to spend their money on the products they produce are being duped. It is not as bad as them buying my record that I am calling “The Beatles”. But close enough. Shame.

  21. Tom you’ve tidied yourself in knots there, so silly. Jerome is busted flush, nobody would bother going to see him unless it was on Johannes coat tails and I think he knows that. Shame that you can’t respect Edgars wishes, I think it says a lot

  22. I agree with Jerome Froese. I dont see how 3 strangers out of nowhere could take the name of this Iconic band. If there is no original member left…it’s pointless.

  23. Thorsten was in TD for 11 years before Edgar died, he spent over half of that spending every day with Edgar, he knows more about Edgar’s wishes than anyone. Jerome never got over the fact he couldn’t tell Edgar what to do and went off on the world’s longest sulk and it continues to this day. He did everything to get in the great man’s way and did nothing to help me – nothing. And now we want to listen to an angry ex-member purely to bolster our own weak argument? laughable gentlemen.

  24. I originally thought the same as many fans here: that it would be a blasphemy to keep on running the TD name. Nevertheless, having read a lot about Edgar wanting to keep things going and having listened to the Quantum Years album, I think by now quite the opposite. As a music fan, the current line-up has definitely made the closest to an updated version of the classic Froese-Franke era that can be possibly made without just copying. The Particles album sounded a bit more like Klaus Schulze, and some passages here remind a bit of Jarre, but it still manages to integrate plenty of elements that made up the sound of TD between 1977-1987, updated sound, and new melodic and harmonic ideas. Maybe also the fact that they took some time off to prepare things more carefully instead of keeping the usual Froese pace has helped to avoid clichés or the unevitable production line sensation a lot of the Eastgate albums bring. Maybe on a conceptual, philosophical level it won’t be the same – sonically, I’m nothing but thrilled.

  25. Having bought Quantum Gate I can say I love it. It truly reflects Edgars ideas for where to go next. Its so sad that Jerome doesn’t think that TD can continue. Why is he not an integral part? His contributions in the past were admirable as were many of the guest members. Perhaps TD should be a collective whereupon different guest members can contribute under the editorial guidance of the remaining members and Jerome. This might just produce the progression that Edgar wanted for the Quantum series. It would be a waste to see the( by far the best) electronic sound of TD disappear.

  26. .I have been a big fan of TD music since 1982. Nothing will replace this great Pioneer .Edgar`s music, his vision, was one of a kind …timeless and loved by many of us….Saying that TD is dead after the great loss is hard to admit, but in a way, no one is able to replace or copy Edgar`s feelings and reflect it in the music…you had to be him….non the less I strongly agree that the light of Edgar `s music should be carried out by Jerome …He should have not forsake the heritage …He is a band member by blood and was raised as a musician by his father ….It is sad …The idea to keep what Edgar has started alive is a brilliant idea, although it will not be the same anymore …but it could be still beautiful as well…I salute to those who took up on the challenge in making Edgar`s music still alive and keeping it evolving ..maybe differently , but we all know that it came from the same seed that Edgar has planted in us..I hope Jerome will realize that it`s not only about TD .. it is what Edgar did and left for us in the name of music..Now .we can only accept or adjust to it admiring what we hear…I hope that new creations will still have the great sound of TD..Quantum is great …and I think it is going the right way …

  27. Tangerine dream are an idea
    Ideas live on and, if they are good ones, they progress !
    Thanks to the present members, this idea is going forward.

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