Audreio AU Sends Audio Wirelessly From Live To iOS (Sneak Preview)

Audreio AU is an upcoming Audio Unit plug-in that lets you stream audio between iOS and Macs.

In this video demo, Audreio AU is used to send audio from Ableton Live to an iPad running Audreio iOS. 

Audreio has an existing iOS app for streaming audio wirelessly. The new AU version lets you connect systems in any combination: iOS to plug-in, plug-in to iOS, iOS to iOS, plug-in to plug-in.

Audreio AU is an Audio Unit plug-in compatible with DAWs such as Logic, Live, Studio One, and Digital Performer, designed to stream full-bandwidth audio to devices on the same network. Audreio will automatically handle any sample rate and channel count differences between projects.

Pricing and Availability:

Audreio AU is expected to ship by mid-April. Audreio AU now for $14.95. Audreio AU will cost $19.95 when released. See the Audreio site for details.

7 thoughts on “Audreio AU Sends Audio Wirelessly From Live To iOS (Sneak Preview)

  1. Why not a hard wired connection? Especially with ableton, using wifi gives a performance hit etc, and the latency is bad… Can’t they follow what the great work of Audio/Midi Mux and MIDI LE etc have done?

      1. cool! good to know! and best of luck with the development, I see your point with the new Macbook, and this provides a solution… other then that, as the dev, can you tell me any other situations where over the air is desirable? (I can see distance, etc being there, … just wondering what else it might add to the table as opposed to the pita setup of a LAN etc….)…. but again, best of luck and success!

        1. There are several reasons behind supporting wireless connections. Some are functional, like the distance and a computer where you might not have a port, and some others are a statement, or simply cool. We, users, seem to want to get rid of cables. When was the last time you connected your iOS device to sync your contacts? Perhaps today you prefer cable over a wireless connection, but I wouldn’t be sure it will be the same some time from now. Additionally, there is no way to connect an iOS device to another with a cable, which was enough of a reason to begin improving the situation of streaming audio over the air.
          If you are not drumming and 50 ms isn’t an issue, why would you even bother to use a cable?
          Perhaps this blog post (from a couple of months ago) can show more behind our motives of doing wireless:
          Thanks for the wishes :-).

  2. Is it 64bit only? Will it work on OSX 10.8?
    Finally, will it stream (wired) both ways? I’ve been hoping to send drums from Live to Turnado on the iPad and record the results back in Live (digitally of course).

    Oh and it’s (currently) $14.95 for the AU and €4.99 for the iPad app.

    Anyway, kudos – this looks like it could be great.

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