Should The EuroXFader, A DJ-Style Cross-Fader For Eurorack, Go Into Production?


Chris Blarsky of Ninstrument let us know about a new module design, the Euro-X-Fader, that brings DJ-style cross-fader control to Eurorack modular synthesizers.

The prototype Euro-X-Fader is shown above. It lets you do live cross-fading, and you can also use it as a CV controller for other modules.

Blarsky is wondering if there’s enough interest, among current Euro users or DJs, to merit moving the Euro-X-Fader into production. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.41.55 PM

Here’s what he has to say about the module:

“I have added CV outs, so you can plug directly into a Eurorack oscillator so you can get 100% analog scratch.

I use the industry standard inofader with its controls to custom the feel just to your performing style.

I have heard of rumors of DJ Qbert and others using sounds from eurorack modular, and I myself have spent some time behind a couple of tables, so it made sense to combine them.

I am curious to what the opinions of other synthesists and DJ’s would like to see in a DJ focused eurorack module. “

You can get details on the Euro-X-Fader from the manual (pdf).

What do you think of the Euro-X-Fader module concept? Should it go into production? If you think you might be interested, check out the details and share your feedback for Ninstrument in the comments!

29 thoughts on “Should The EuroXFader, A DJ-Style Cross-Fader For Eurorack, Go Into Production?

  1. This will singlehandedly destroy the Eurorack community by inviting the DJ-douche-syndicate into our world. I do not approve, and I hope all Euro-heads agree with me and make their opinions loud.

    1. Why will it “destroy the eurorack community”? Chances are it’ll be a fairly low-selling item, like most eurorack stuff. In the unlikely event that it does cause a surge of DJs going into eurorack stuff, is that such a bad thing? It’s a big world, and there’s room for both synth nuts and DJ-doushes to do whatever they want. An increase in eurorack popularity by any sector, from experimental musicians to DJs, is good for everyone in the that area, as it widens your options and brings down costs.

    2. “the DJ-douche-syndicate” – that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in days! Like it or not, DJs who think that they contribute to music are here to stay.

  2. This looks promising for doing simple vector synthesis. Why not create a mixer like the one on the Prophet VS? That would be super cool 🙂

  3. I couldn’t see me ever seriously giving a rats ass about this module. So many other modules out there that can crossfade and or scratch in more variations as well as other capabilities. To invest in a module that ONLY does this is a huge waste of money and rack space.

    1. Isn’t modular kind of about modules that only do one thing? Or distilling a synth down to it’s most basic parts. You were thinking this module doesn’t do enough, while I was thinking I would rather just a have the fader with a simple CV out and no other features.

    1. Thanks itchy and others, I know there are a lot of people that hear ‘DJ’ and a certain connotation pops into their head. Others here obviously can see through that and understand on more of a fundamental level that functions and features have their merit. Yes, releasing this without a video makes it harder to understand what you are looking at, so to those of you I apologize. As for the others who get it, like adding phono inputs and ground, you guys are the ones I was hoping who might get this concept right off the bat. Thank you again for the criticism as well. The only way to improve upon your design is to hear constructive criticism. If you truly would like to add an idea or feature, please visit the link below and help me make this a better construct.

  4. Compared to existing modules… All this does is replace a knob (or better yet a joystick) with a fader. I guess that may make Eurorack interface more appealing to someone who’s dexterity is limited to (or revolves entirely around) a slider-style function. But my guess is that for such a person, all of the other knobs and jacks inherent in the rest of the Eurorack world would scare them…
    As such… I feel that most current Eurorack users won’t really care about whether the control interface is a fader or a pot (or anything else). And DJ’s who are suddenly attracted to Eurorack because there is a fader module available will still have to learn to twiddle knobs to interface with any other modules.
    Anywho… it’s not for me, but I bet it will sell. The market is hot.

  5. why not? Make Noise already has Rosie which is a DJ style cue system module. The Octatrack has a crossfader, Ableton has a crossfader. again why not. someone will find this to be exactly what they need for a creative solution.

  6. Considering how people can violently thrash crossfaders around, I don’t think the crossfader belongs on the module itself but in a rugged, weighted enclosure that connects to the module. Otherwise, patch cables will probably get in the way.

    1. Have you seen the new keyboard Eurorack systems? This seems like it could be a natural fit for that type of case.

      People seem to be stuck on the idea that this is for DJ’s only. You could easily use this to:

      Fade between patches

      Wet/dry mix control

      Control pitch bend

      Control modulation

      Control how a source is routed to multiple destinations

      Having both the cv and vca option makes this a lot more interesting than a joystick type controller.

  7. i use eurorack live and in the studio and i sometimes (only in the studio) use my rane mixer to cut/transform pads, noises, etc.. that would be an ace addition for live, why not! if you dont know how to use it, you dont have to buy it.

  8. great idea !
    i think a crossfader is a musical instrument as the technics sl1200 is.
    a great tool to manipulate sound and more.
    don’t forget a fader is perhaps the first sound effect, acting on the sound with linaerity is always usable,
    for technical or musical purpose.
    think of: scratch, mixing desk, video mixer, drum machine, sampler, octatrackwise…
    a crossfader is for me more than welcome in the eurorack world !

  9. Brilliant for fading between 2 sequencers… I imagine. Would be even better if it was more than 2 channels or was a combo of 2x 4 channel mixers with crossfade.

  10. I realise this is old…….
    But I’m new!

    It would be quite a neat thing to see someone effectively/precisely crab a joystick! Yes with practice I suppose? But if you’ve spent years mastering the technique on the standard format fader……….

    (Yeah I’m from the douche side of the fence)

    What makes the “community” so elite?

    Most if not all of your fellow eurorackers have been more than welcoming of yet another rookie to the fold! In fact the synth community on the whole is a very welcoming and open place with most quite happy to see anyone start out. (Probably because they think it will mean another rack of cheap modules for sale six months down the line!)

    And my entry into euro is dictated by synthtablism and the idea of the magic that can be created when combining the two mediums. But I guess that’s me and my style.

    Bring this thing on! (And if it doesn’t happen)
    Let me see the veroboard plan so I can build one for myself!

    (+1 Direct phono input would be a neat add on!)

  11. why are people scared about dj’s in eurorack? I really like this idea of the module!!! not just for adding vinyl to the rack but fading like a dj between two parts of he patch is amazing. and if it attracks dj’s the creative ones will become visible and these are musicions too, i mean watch some turntablism video’s and image these kind of dj’s in our big eurorack family is just a plus!

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