Moog Liberation Synthesizer Video Demos

In this series of videos, Marc Doty – Archive and Education Specialist with the Bob Moog Foundation – takes a look at the classic Moog Liberation keytar synthesizer.

The Moog Liberation is being raffled off as a fundraiser for the Foundation. Details are available at the Foundation site. 

In the first video, Doty looks at the analog sound of the Moog Liberation. In the second video, below, Doty looks at the Liberation’s¬†paraphonic capabilities:

Finally, the last video looks at the Moog Liberation’s expressive controllers:

9 thoughts on “Moog Liberation Synthesizer Video Demos

  1. Cool synths, as well the very similar MG-1. Unfortunately replacement parts seem to be extremely rare and very expensive.

    1. Which parts?

      I just refurbed a Moog Rogue and counting a new power supply and all brand new sliders, it cost around 150 bucks.

      Most of the parts are common off the shelf and still made.

      A few of the chips are not, but they can also be fairly easily sourced, though they almost never seem to have issues. It’s usually the caps or, if the power supply failed, then the two voltage ics, which are still manufactured.

      You can even buy spare keys for cheap and the colored slider caps are still made.

      1. I was under the impression the potentiometers were specific to these models and no new versions existed. There used to be a seller of a complete pack of new old stock but I believe he’s out of stock indefinitely. They can be had individually on ebay for $18 to $20 each. Considering an MG-1 with the foam problem generally needs aLL its sliders replaced, it gets incredibly expensive to service. I don’t consider $150 cheap if you’re doing your own labor for some slide potentiometers and PSU.

  2. It’s all about style. If you want to play keyboard and move around on stage instead of standing or sitting in the back corner all the time (boring). Then grab a keytar!

  3. Im probably in the keyar-liking minority, but this one is heavy as sh*t! I couldnt wear one for a entire song, much less an entire set. Makes a fun stationary synth, tho’- If you want to move around put casters on the keyboard stand.

  4. I don’t think keytars will ever be “cool”. But, who cares, I’d be entertained watching a guy in a Hawaiian shirt with crocs ripping a keytar solo.

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