Alessandro Cortini Studio Tour


Why is Alessandro Cortini so happy?

This studio tour may explain why.

Sonic State’s Nick Batt met with Cortini after the 2015 NAMM Show, and gets an in-depth tour of the master synthesist’s amazing synth cave.

Cortini discusses how he gets into synths, shares his take on having a relationship with your synths and, of course, a tour of some amazing synths:

Favorite quote:

“These instruments know me enough that they trust me and I trust them.

I know I sound like a crazy person, but, you know, when you stay in here for a long time…..”

via Sonic State

29 thoughts on “Alessandro Cortini Studio Tour

  1. There is no one better to do these types of interviews than Nick Batt. The man knows his stuff and always has interesting & insightful questions to ask. Totally puts Allesandro at ease and engages him as a peer with his level of technical knowledge. I’ve seen so many of these ‘in the studio’ interviews that were a total failure because the interviewer had no idea what they were talking about and so asked really stupid questions.

    This was a great interview and Nick should definitely do a lot more of these!

      1. Glad you enjoyed this, we certainly did, Alessandro is such nice guy to deal with too. Not everyone is so forthcoming. Its a shame we were all so wiped out after NAMM otherwise we would have stayed longer…

    1. I’ve done it already. The most I use my DAW for is tracking my hardware.

      And after hearing the initial part of this interview, now I know how he put together his Skarn project. Check it out, if you can find it.

  2. This was a real treat, a very generous tour, not holding anything back, getting to listen to stuff see how it works, focusing on the rare rather than the common and talking about workflow and inspiration, this is my idea of perfection in a music interview!

    1. And now you have. I have heard tell of a thing called ‘Google’ that can be used to alleviate various levels of ignorance, and you don’t need to wait for others to ‘Google’ information for you – you can actually do it yourself. And the final irony is, given the number of characters in your post, and given the number of characters in his name, it would have been as quick as to ‘Google’ him rather than to state that you haven’t heard of him.

  3. “And this Buchla is the Buchla I put my Buchla on top of”.

    An embarasment of Buchlas! But I’ll allow it because recently I’ve been listening a lot to his live performances and i love their unstable dirty chugging melodies. They are really a nice break from the usual modular owner’s baffled exploration of sample and hold onto a cutoff. He uses this stuff simply and with a purpose.

    1. “owner’s baffled exploration of sample and hold onto a cutoff”

      Perfect description of the typical live modular performance.

  4. Wow. Awesome on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin.

    I’d like to know how the hell you just sorta “find” 4 boats of old Buchla equipment in Mexico?

    I notice that he’s not shy about turning the volume UP.

    I love the _2001_ screensaver he’s running on one of his computers.

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