BPB Releases Free ‘Game Boy Drum Kit’ Sample Pack

Bedroom Producers Blog and SzcZ have released Game Boy Drum Kit, a free drum sample pack.

Game Boy Drum Kit features the sounds of a black Nintendo Game Boy running LSDJ software. The pack contains 64 unprocessed Game Boy samples in 24-bit WAV format, along with a set of NKI and SFZ patches.

The included samples are completely dry and unprocessed. In addition to the standard selection of 8-bit drum hits, the pack also contains a “bonus set” of classic chiptune style arpeggios, SFX hits and pulse wave bass samples.

Game Boy Drum Kit includes two types of NKI patches. The first one, GB Drums, is a simple Kontakt instrument with a set of basic control parameters; the second one, Game Bot, is an advanced experimental drum machine crafted by SzcZ (aka Fairly Confusing Waveforms).

Game_boy_Drum_kit_Game_BotGame Bot is running ten sets of step sequencers to animate notes and effect settings. The sequencer program is generated automatically on user’s request. Game Bot also accepts incoming MIDI notes to simply play the drum kit, in which case the program and the controls can be used to create different kit setups and to animate the built-in effects using modulation sequencers.

Game Boy Drum Kit Contents:

  • 64 Game Boy samples
  • 4 NKI patches (NI Kontakt 4)
  • 1 SFZ patch
  • 24-bit WAV (44.1 kHz)
  • 4.94 MB of audio material

Product specifications. Game Boy Drum Kit is a 4.14 MB download, ZIP archive, contains 64 game boy samples in 24-bit WAV format, 4 NKI patches for Native Instruments Kontakt, 1 SFZ patch.

Pricing and Availability. Game Boy Drum Kit is a free download, and is available at the Bedroom Producers’ Blog website.

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