Sonic Faction Dips Into Kontakt Ecosystem With Whoosh Machine

Sonic Faction, a longtime maker of creative devices for Ableton, has expanded to the Native Instruments Kontakt platform with their new plug-in, Whoosh Machine.

Sonic Faction describe Whoosh Machine as an “enigmatic” FX creation tool which takes advantage of the Kontakt script programming language, ideally suited to creating all types of electronic, cinematic and experimental music.

Sonic_Faction_Whoosh_Machine_KontaktWhoosh Machine key features include:

  • Heads-up display” controls to dial in your sound instantly.
  • Blend between various Noise, Synth and Texture sound sources.
  • Creative envelope controls for perfectly executed whooshes.
  • “Stunning” design and Wave animations to visualize your sound.
  • “Tons” of Presets covering Transitional FX, Drones, and Atmospherics.

Pricing and Availability. Sonic Faction’s Whoosh Machine for Kontakt is available now as a free download via the Sonic Faction website.  (Requires the latest version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5.)

7 thoughts on “Sonic Faction Dips Into Kontakt Ecosystem With Whoosh Machine

  1. Download procedure is FAR too cumbersome; ok with requirement to register, but then has to install some downloading app… No, thanks.

  2. Have to agree re: the download. I don’t mind trading an email address for a freebie, but not down for an app to install an app.

    Also no mention if this requires the full version of Kontact or just the player.

  3. I’ve been using the Ableton version of this for a couple of months now. It really is“Uplifters For Dummies” as Mr. Berkowitz so aptly designated. Sometimes I just need “that” sound for something and I don’t need to prove to myself that I can filter sweep white noise manually (easiest fucking thing in the world) or use an LFO or envelope for pitch lifters/downlifters. When I just need a quick noise sweep or a simple lifter, I will use this and it works well for the task. It’s no “Rise and HIt” by any stretch of the imagination. If I really want to get creative with those types of things I use Polygon, which is just phenomenal ear porn.

  4. Hi all, due to the overwhelming demand for Whoosh Machine Kontakt, we’ve officially crashed our web hosting server. We’re working on a solution now. Thanks for your patience!

    1. Some people are still getting through, but we recommend trying the download again later when things have calmed down.

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