Can djay For Apple Watch Make ‘Wrist DJing’ A Thing?

apple-watch-djThe Apple Watch is barely available and developers are already introducing music apps for it.

Case in point: Algoriddim has added Apple Watch support to its djay software DJ system.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

djay turns your Apple Watch into an ultra-portable DJ controller. djay allows you to leave the DJ booth without ever missing a beat again. You can browse your iTunes library, cue up and mix your favorite songs, all while controlling stunning audio effects, and loops in real-time – right from your wrist.

Here’s the official video intro:

You can find out more about djay’s Apple Watch support at the Algoriddim site.

Does the world need wrist DJ’s? And do you think music apps make sense on a smart watch?

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11 thoughts on “Can djay For Apple Watch Make ‘Wrist DJing’ A Thing?

  1. Well… I didn’t see that coming. It does look fun. If you aren’t the type who is into sitting at a Dj table all night or if you are throwing a party/ get together and are a control freak I think is a good way to get the job done. Imagine someone comes in the room and you know they like this one song, surprise them by cueing it next, or maybe you are running a bar and while doing business the crowd picks up from the dinner crowd to a dance crowd, just switch to a new playlist. Even remoting playlists sound cool…… I hate to say it but it could be practical. This is what djing has evolved too. Ha!

    1. Yeah, have to agree – didn’t see that coming either, but you’re right, it can be useful under certain circumstances, but to be honest I can’t think of one yet… 😉

  2. I’d suggest it could mean DJ’s could go and take a leak during the set. However I’d have to think that any prospective DJ’s would be the sort whose sets automatically play the next track anyway…

    I’m thinking wedding DJ’s who are also invited guests maybe? {Presses pause on iWatch for the speeches without missing out on desert}

  3. I’m a huge iOS fan. I love the incredible range of options there are for iPad synths and the ease we now have with connecting them, via USB, directly to our DAWs.

    But I’m really skeptical about the idea of using your watch for music, especially with the first generation Apple Watch.

    Since it’s dependent on an iPhone, the first generation Apple Watch is going to essentially be a wireless controller for your iPhone that’s got short battery life. The disadvantages of short battery life and fiddly interface make it hard for me to come up with a situation where a musician wouldn’t just be better off to get their phone or tablet out and use it.

    Anyway – this is technically interesting, practically pretty useless and seems like, in use, it would come across as sort of douchy!

  4. Big surprise…algoriddim makes yet another mostly useless DJ app for casual use…But why do you have to make this into a story and willfully provoke some bullshit outrage and DJ-bashing? It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the idiotic comments against anything new, digital, non-analog, whatever, under every Synthtopia post. “If I see anybody use this, Imma kick his ass!”
    What are these people, 60 year-old failed rock musicians?

  5. I was taught to never leave your post during a performance, but this could be handy at home. Maybe this isn’t geared towards performers.

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