Synthtopia + littleBits Synth Kit + Synth Pro Pack Giveaway

littleBits_Synthtopia-make-music-sweepstakesSynthtopia has teamed up with littleBits for a “make music sweepstakes” giveaway.

The prize? The littleBits Synth Kit, along with the new Synth Pro Pack:

  • littleBits’ Synth Kit ($159.95 value), released in partnership with Korg, allows the user to “do music DIY” using prebuilt modules. Synth Kit “bits” include Power Oscillator Random Keyboard, Micro Sequencer, Envelope, Filter (MS-20 style), Delay, Mix, Split, and Synth Speaker.
  • littleBits’ Synth Pro Pack ($139.95 value) consists of MIDI, CV, and USB I/O modules, enabling the user to connect the kit to additional equipment in the music studio.

The combination lets you snap together custom creations and connect them to your computer, MIDI or analog CV gear.

Here’s a video demo of the Synth Kit + Synth Pro Pack combo:

littleBits is accepting giveaway entries through May 8, and you can enter on the littleBits website.

14 thoughts on “Synthtopia + littleBits Synth Kit + Synth Pro Pack Giveaway

    1. It’s a very reasonable constraint. Shipping and customs are significant problems with moving packages. Some countries I’ve tried to ship to and stuff is always returned no matter how much time I devote to trying to read postal regulations in Arabic. Others, customers find that customs duties are 100% of MSRP, so the “winners” of such a contest would still have to pay the full retail value. Of course they would not and the package would be returned.

      1. In addition, some places — like the province of Quebec — require you to post security with the provincial lottery administration before you can legally run a giveaway in the province.

  1. The fine print reads that in, order to be eligible to win, you must be be between the ages of 12 years and 2 months and 12 years and 3 months and be a citizen of Nepal.

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