Line 6 Puts Your Amp Settings On Your Wrist

The introduction of the Apple Watch has created both an opportunity and a challenge for music software developers.

There’s an opportunity, because so many musicians are already using Apple’s iOS for for music making, and the Apple Watch extends that platform. And there’s a challenge, because the idea of a wearable music platform, based on a mass-market smartwatch, is largely uncharted territory. Is there really a place for music apps on your wrist?

Line 6 isn’t waiting around to see – the’ve announced that their AMPLIFi Remote amp controller app is now compatible with Apple Watch.

amplifi-remoteThe new AMPLIFi Remote v2.11 update lets you control and access amp tones via Apple Watch. You can now access tones, control levels, search the Line 6 Tone Cloud, and use the tuner, right from your wrist.

AMPLIFi Remote works with the entire AMPLIFi family, and provides you with control over every aspect of tone and effects.

AMPLIFi features that can be accessed from the Apple Watch include:

  • Tuner
  • MyTones
  • Dictation search of Line 6 Tone Cloud
  • Master and instrument level control

AMPLIFi Remote v2.11 is now available via the Apple App Store.

6 thoughts on “Line 6 Puts Your Amp Settings On Your Wrist

  1. An app to help you control another portable app? Doesn’t look like you can edit amp settings so you can’t really do much with it. I suppose you can change presets with it but of course something like a footswitch is going to be a lot more practical because either with watch, phone or pad you’ve got to take your hands off the guitar.

    1. I’m really skeptical about the idea of running music apps on a watch.

      The tuner does seem like it would be handy, along with a basic audio recorder for capturing ideas. For anything that involves any deeper interaction, an iPad interface seems like it would be so much better.

  2. I tried it at last nights gig. It works very well but has an unfortunate side effect. Halfway through the set the lead singer became exasperated with me constantly checking my watch and yelled “If there’s somewhere else you need to be, why don’t you just go!” I tried to explain that I was controlling my amp using my wrist watch. He rolled his eyes and said: “No one’s gonna believe that line of bullshit.”

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