Experimental Synth’s littleBits + Koushion + Ableton Demo

Chris Stack, aka Experimental Synth, has been working on a series of videos exploring possibilities with the new LittleBits MIDI and CV modules.

Stack says, “[In this video series] I was able to hook LittleBits into my DSI Pro 2, Moog Voyager, Ableton and Koushion in some really interesting ways, and the results were surprisingly musical, especially in this Koushion + Ableton video. This was a lot of fun… I wish they’d had these when I was a kid.”

Experimental_Synth_littleBits_Koushion_AbletonStack gives a more technical overview of what’s happening in this video:

“Connecting LittleBits to the larger world of audio gear generated some surprisingly musical results.  With an external sequencer like Koushion driving it, you have both hands free for knobs and switches. With some creative patching and a little extra gear, it was easy to make a highly synchronized music production environment.

“Ableton provided the master MIDI clock for the Koushion step sequencer app (connected to the iMac by an iConnectMIDI2+).  This gave a quick interactive composition user interface, and the trigger from the LittleBits MIDI Module was used to clock the Micro Sequencer Module controlling the Filter Module’s cutoff frequency.

“The LittleBits system is the only audio source in this video. Its audio output was run into Ableton for effects processing.  Since Ableton’s tempo-based effects were synced to the same clock as Koushion and the LittleBits Micro Sequencer, complex, yet cohesive sounds are easy to create, and sound great.”

Other videos in this Experimental Synth series include using the littleBits synth kit with the Moog Voyager, and with the DSI Pro 2.

littleBits / Synthtopia giveaway: On a related note, Synthtopia and littleBits have teamed up for a “make music sweepstakes” and are giving away a littleBits Synth Kit, along with the new Synth Pro Pack. Information about how to enter at this link.

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