IK Multimedia Adds Apple Watch Support To UltraTuner


IK Multimedia has updated UltraTuner for iPhone with support for Apple Watch.

UltraTuner’s “STAGE mode” can now be viewed on Apple Watch, via 2 easy-to-see visualizations. 

Apple Watch Support In UltraTuner

The latest UltraTuner app can be paired with an Apple Watch, when it is installed on an iPhone with the most recent OS.

Users can now view the tuning information on their Apple Watch in 2 operational modes:

  • UltraTuner’s classic graduated LED “STAGE mode”; and
  • A simple “NOTE mode”, custom-designed for the Apple Watch display.

“Stage mode” provides a highly visible display with two large yellow LED-like wing arrays that light up in progressive amounts, according to whether the note played is flat or sharp. When the note is in tune, the tuning indicator center bar turns bright neon green.

“NOTE mode” shows the musical note letter name that is being played, with arrows below to indicate whether the note is flat or sharp. When the note is in tune, the note name turns bright neon green.

Beyond the Apple Watch enhancement, the UltraTuner app runs on both iPhone or iPod touch, and can receive an audio signal via either the built-in microphone or through an audio interface like IK’s iRig HD, iRig 2 or iRig PRO. It delivers accuracy down to +/- 1/100 of a cent, making it ideal for tuning and calibration of electric guitars, analog synthesizers and other instruments.

Pricing and Availability

UltraTuner is available from the App Store for $/€4.99. UltraTuner for Apple Watch is a free update for existing owners of UltraTuner for iPhone (standalone app only).

If you’ve used UltraTuner, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

4 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Adds Apple Watch Support To UltraTuner

  1. Maybe they should include the ability to flip the UI 180 degrees. When youre playing guitar the watch is facing away from you. You solve that, by turning the watch on your arm, so its facing you. But then the UI is upside down.

    I dont understand: the watch has no mic? So you have to pull out the iphone anyway, in order to make use of the tuner? Kinda defeats the purpose of the watch app…you might as well use the iPhone.

    1. Oi! Don’t go insulting ducks. Some of my best friends are ducks. One of them’s a Racewalking singer-songwriter who spends his spare time doing synchronous swiming and aerobatics. He thinks the Iwatch is a chunk of tat, too.

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