Moog Sub 37 1.10 Firmware Update Now Available


Moog today released a major firmware update for the Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer.

The update adds a variety of step sequencing features, including step edit mode, skips, ratcheting and per-step mod sequencing; control voltage mapping that lets you control just about anything via the external CV inputs; and the option to add randomness to the oscillator tuning.

Here’s an unofficial demo of the new features in the firmware, via John Keston of

This update is significant because the bulk of the updates are new features,” notes Keston.  “In this video, I demonstrate step edit mode and quick mapping of modulation destinations.”

Here’s what Keston has to say about his second demo video:

I have had some time to experiment further with the new Moog Sub 37 firmware. In this demo I show seven new features within the sequencer and arpeggiator sections of the instrument.

First I review how to turn steps on and off while in step edit mode. Secondly I show how to set the start and end positions of the sequence while it continues to run. Thirdly I show how to create ties between two or more notes and then disable them on the fly. Fourth I demonstrate how to turn on/off step ratcheting and how to modify the number of ratchets. For the fifth feature I adjust the swing amount. The sixth feature is modulation sequencing that I applied to the filter envelope amount. Finally for the seventh feature I demonstrate how to shift the sequence back or ahead of the first step.

Here’s an overview of the new firmware update from the 2015 NAMM Show, by Moog’s Amos Gaynes:

The Moog Sub 37 firmware update is a free download via the Moog site.

If you’ve tried it out, let us know what you think of the update!

20 thoughts on “Moog Sub 37 1.10 Firmware Update Now Available

    1. Yeah been waiting for this! The ratcheting will be fun to experiment with, and the modulation mapping will finally be easy enough for me to really experiment with.

  1. Installed the update yesterday and played with it for a few hours, really digging it they did an incredible job. I really like the control you have over nudging and changing the start and end points. The ability to pre-set an arbitrary number of steps and record and re-record on the fly is very useful. The ratcheting really takes it to a whole new level for me which is exciting and I haven’t had a chance to play with the mod seq but I’m looking forward to that. Also thought it was cool that I can now use the CV in’s for more things. Nice job Moog and Amos!

  2. is it just me or does the wooden cheeks look to be a custom/different color for the top pic in this post? they look a lot lighter and pale. My wood is more of an orange brown, like in the video and every other pic ive seen.

    whered the custom cheeks come from?

  3. Hi Amos, we met at Musicmesse talking to Ken. Sure enough, the firmware update was “very close”. Thank you very much. I’ll install it this weekend. Your videos for the new firmware are great. Can’t wait to use the update. The sub 37 is a fantastic synth.

  4. I wish the DSI team would take note of Moog’s update schedule. Still waiting for a Tetra update that will never arrive. And my condolences to those waiting on a Tempest update…

  5. Fantastic update. This is the first Moog I’ve owned and it’s amazing. I prefer to print long jams and this update is perfect for it. Swinging LFO’s really swing. That Amos guy deserves a craft beer.

  6. Scored a Little Phatty for a great price recently, my first Moog and I love it to bits.
    Shame that now I can’t go to sleep without dreaming about the Sub 37 each night..
    Gateway drug theory is totally true man 🙁

  7. I installed the update a couple of weeks ago and it worked great for a while. Just yesterday, I was having a problem with the thru control setting, when turned on, the synth jumps to full volume and won’t change regardless of the knob position. I had to switch back to the absolute setting to have volume control. Today, it has stopped syncing with my MPC. Could this be problem with the new firmware? Is it something else? Anyone else have issues like this?

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