The Sound Of Omnisphere 2

Omnisphere 2, released last week, is one of the most anticipated software synths ever.

The first version 2.0 of any Spectrasonics instrument, the  updated Omnisphere features a host of new synthesis capabilities and includes thousands of new sounds.

This set of videos, via Michael Walthius, demos the factory presets included in the new Omnisphere 2 upgrade from Spectrasonics.

Each of the videos explores a set of the presets in Omnisphere 2.

While Walthius demos dozens of sounds, it’s a small fraction of the 10,000+ presets included in Omnisphere 2.

For details on the new Omnisphere 2, see the Spectrasonics site.

14 thoughts on “The Sound Of Omnisphere 2

    1. That’s what I thought about Omnishpere 1. Then I actually tried it. It has deep synthesis, sound creation and modulation capabilities. It has a user-friendly interface for those who want to play factory presets– but for those like me, who would NEVER use a factory preset, Omnisphere let’s you go deeper into every aspect of the sound. In all seriousness, go demo this thing, or watch some videos where someone is actually creating sound– you’re really missing out if you think it’s just a ROMpler. The key is the magnifying glass icon– on each UI element, it lets you edit or create every aspect of the sound. You can create sounds from scratch using user-generated audio files, or the may included wave tables. This thing is the shizzle, and it sounds great. Don’t sleep on it. 🙂

  1. I’d like them to sell a version without any included samples. I’m compelled by the synth, but I don’t feel like paying premium price for dead hard drive space holding samples I simply would never use.

  2. Maybe it’s just the sounds they chose to demo, but it sounds generic to me. Hardly worth $500 to
    get organs, zaps, and EDM filler.

  3. Unfortunately these videos don’t really show the interesting side of Omnisphere. The real beauty lies in the psycho-acoustic sampling of interesting objects, resynthesis, the new granular system etc. etc. These demos really do make it seem like a big rompler, which is really not where it’s power lies. With 10,000 plus presets I think they are trying to be a desert island synth, but it excels at both incredibly etherial pads and cutting analog-style leads. You just need to demo it.

    1. This guy spent his own time to make a few videos and let us listen to some presets. You are welcome to make some more indepth ones of you don’t like these.

  4. …and I’m just making a comment on what I was presented, not criticizing his efforts presenting them.
    I don’t feel like downloading many gbs to demo it.
    (Actually, he did a fine job. It’s the sounds that I was commenting on)

  5. Like any other musician on earth, this guy did the most spontaneous thing possible, which is focusing on patches that resonate the most with his musical taste and way of performing keyboard sounds. We all do the same when we pick a new instrument, we first go for what’s familiar…then, slowly we start exploring all the additional options that are available.

    Given the current number of patches (12,650), the extensive synthesis options available in Omnisphere 2, the FX section and User Audio import capability, it’s a 100% a fact that dozens of musicians could sit down and make 3 or 4 videos like these each and still that wouldn’t represent the whole musical and sonic range of Omnisphere 2.

    And to paraphrase the first comment: “appears like the GS/GM rompler for Analog of the software plugin .
    inevitable but useless”, it’s a fact that on the internet “inevitable but useless” comments will always pop up just for the sake or stirring controversy! : )

  6. Great work Spectrasonics team! The inclusion of user loadable samples solidifies this as indispensible. I got Omnishpere back in June of last year after mulling over the purchase for years…I couldn’t really understand what all the raving was about until I went ahead on good faith and trust in users’ reviews and bought the darn thing. Worth every penny and, for me, missing out on the cutoff for the free upgrde sux but in paying for it I knew with 100% certainty it was money well spent. Basically let me reinterate myself and countless others’ advice: GET THIS THING…GET IT NOW!

  7. I feel sad for people that would ignore this synth after hearing roughly 1/100th of one percent of the sounds through an internet video
    With none of them tweaked by what i feel is perhaps the most powerful and easy to use modulation engine I’ve found in a soft synth

    Tastes vary. I frankly didn’t hear inspiring sounds in this particular demo, and omnisphere is heavy on certain types of sounds. However, the sounds are very playable, high quality, and easy to tweak. I’ve found you can find something useable quite easily.

    How can it be a bad thing to import your own sounds?? This will inspire tons of new sounds and i can’t wait to see what others come up with and I’m sure we will all be sharing sounds.

    I love my Massive, I love my Thor, but i love love love my Omnisphere. I am just getting started with the upgrade and i expect it will continue to delight me.

    I am especially enjoying the much more robust arpeggiator that now feels much more like a sequencer with the ability to quickly and easily transpose each step.

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