Embertone Releases ‘Next Generation’ Fischer Viola


Virtual instrument-maker Embertone has released Fischer Viola, an advanced virtual solo viola for Kontakt 5 Player.

Embertone developer Alex Davis says that Fischer Viola represents a “major leap forward”, in terms of musicality and technology.

Does it live up to that promise? Check out these official audio demos and decide for yourself:

Fischer Viola boasts these key features:

  • Totally Controllable Vibrato
  • Phase-locked Dynamic Morphing
  • Advanced Bow Position Control
  • True legato Bow Change + Slur + Portamentos
  • 4X RR Staccatos at 4 dynamics
  • 4X RR Pizzicato at 4 dynamics (including Bartok Pizzes!)
  • Tremolos, Con Sordino, Sul Tasto, Sul Ponticello

Here’s what Embertone has to say about Fischer Viola’s features:

True legato with dynamics

We recorded violist Christopher Fischer playing legato transitions (bows and slurs) at 2 dynamics: a wispy quiet layer, and a stronger, bolder one. Then we carefully processed those samples so that you can crossfade between them seamlessly! This gives you a personal layer of expressivity.

Color Mode

Live string players produce a huge spectrum of tone colors by choosing where their bow goes between the bridge and fingerboard. We have found a way to give you that control as well.

Dedicated Portamento Keyswitch

Many users requested keyswitch control of portamentos, so we added this to the CONTROL page. If you don’t want to use the velocity threshold or CC control to trigger these samples, you can now use an assignable momentary keyswitch to do it.

Speed Control On/Off

If you don’t want speed control, save RAM by turning it off! The samples still sound super pristine, and you save nearly a bunch of RAM.


You no longer need a dedicated patch for this. Just press the OSC button and all CC’s and keyswitches will default to the proper values for Touch OSC on an iPad or Android tablet.

True Legato On/Off Button

If you want to focus on the other articulations, and don’t need those gorgeous legato transitions (gasp), press this button to save RAM!

Totally Controllable Vibrato

Each note has been individually adjusted with a specific EQ response for vibrato – based on reference recordings from Chris. We spent a lot of time refining our vibrato – the EQ’s and resonance are tailored specifically for Fischer Viola.

Pricing and Availability

Embertone’s Fischer Viola virtual instrument is available now, via the Embertone website, at a price of $120 (for 16-bit version) and $125 (for the 16/24-bit combo). www.embertone.com

7 thoughts on “Embertone Releases ‘Next Generation’ Fischer Viola

  1. More human than human!

    Seriously, this is starting to blur what is “real”. I’m not sure it really matters anymore, as long as the music is good.

  2. WOW. That demo audio is gorgeous!!! The little portamento moments work well.

    This is one of the most expressive sounding solo string instruments I’ve heard. I couldn’t hear any glaring problems in the demo audio. The asking price seems very reasonable for a library of this quality. Dang. This is really cool. Just now hearing “Memories of Home”. What a nice piece!!!

  3. These are impressive demos – in fact all of the Embertone instruments sound pretty amazing.

    My question is whether you can play a performance like this in real-time or if this requires a tremendous amount of MIDI editing. A video demo would help – or at least some discussion of what the process of creating performances like these entails.

  4. The demos are in fact amazing. That being said, we do not see how much work (edition of midi events and controller play) had to be put to make them sound like this.
    Sometimes, this results in about as much work as playing the real thing (ok, I am exaggerating at bit here).

    1. Thats soo true! I dont know about this specific program, but usually its the midi work behind the curtain that makes it sound good…

  5. Hey Guys! This is real amazing!
    I am classical musician and I was very – very ! touched, imressed with this demos!
    As I listened it came across, that somehow the vibratos are looks very ‘tidy’ ….some more shuffle /both in pitch & amp/ would make this precious gem even more ‘vulnerable’ — in positive meaning, of course!
    Congrat! again!

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