DrumPants 2.0 Are Harder, Faster, Stronger, Better – But Still In Your Pants


The developers of DrumPants have announced DrumPants 2.0 – the harder, faster, stronger, better version of the wearable wireless MIDI controller.

According to the developers, the updated DrumPants 2.0 controller brings reliability, latency, and design improvements – and puts all that power in your pants. 

Production of DrumPants 2.0 is being funded with an IndieGoGo campaign. Here’s the official video intro:

Here are some ways that DrumPants are being used:

DrumPants 2.0 is available to project backers, starting at US $109. See the project site for details.

19 thoughts on “DrumPants 2.0 Are Harder, Faster, Stronger, Better – But Still In Your Pants

    1. It’s unfortunate that they did not write your comment, so that it would’ve been humorous.

      If you can’t think of something useful to do with a wireless wearable midi controller that costs $110, you don’t get midi very well.

  1. I think that their demo videos undersell these things – at least they don’t do a good job of communicating their capabilities beyond being drum controllers.

    They’re midi, so you could do just about anything with them – but they should show that.

    I wonder if the drum-focused demos just work better as ‘social media content’ than something focused more on what they can do technically.

  2. Anybody else know how you can get 6 midi triggers, a drum module, and USB/bluetooth compatibility for like $100? If so, please paste a link. If not, this forum sure has some crochety commentors. The product looks cool to me, what am I missing?

  3. I, Bjorn Berkowitz, am officially sick and tired of shitty dubstep tracks in advertisement. Also, I don’t need no midi to drum on my pants. An SM57 is cheaper. As you were…

    1. I, SineWolf am officially sick and tired of people whining about dubstep. If you don’t like it good for you. But please keep the comment actually focused on the topic not what kind of music is in the advertising video. We get it everyone hates dubstep. Except for the millions of people going out to see and hear there favorite dubstep artists. cant some just get over it already.

      1. I, Caligari, am officially sick of people stealing my Somnambulist from his kabinet.

        How am I supposed to get any murder done in my Expressionist world?

      2. I did comment on the drum pants my dear little flower of the interwebs. I actually posted my comment because the first promo vid did nothing but solidify my opinion on not just crap dubstep, but the fact that Dev”s are hawking their wares with said crap dubstep. Now if you’d like to offer conjecture on why I’m wrong about the crap demo, then you would have a valid rebuttal from me. Right now it seems like you’re mostly a dubstep fan. I’m sorry for that.

  4. I shit you not, I was at a party just a few weeks ago where I was chatting with this hippie dude who at one point said “I wish there some way I could get real drum sounds from hand drumming on my legs …I do it all the time and come up with great rhythms.”

    I laughed, and then told him that such a product does exist, but unfortunately I could not remember the name. Honestly, this hippie guy was blown away when he learned such products exist. When I told him about MIDI, DAWs, and controllerism, he nearly exploded into a poof of rainbow colored pot smoke!

  5. Steve Hogarth from Marillion has a MIDI controller that he wears all over his jacket and pants. (And he also has a customized cricket bat with buttons) It’s quite entertaining to see him gesture (jester? hehehe) on stage and perform.

  6. this is an arduino anyone can build this,this is so easy to code to dont be lazy ,visual impact is everything so a drummer triggering a 808 sample from a standard drumkit looks visually more impressive on stage then hitting your trousers ,these would be good house controllers for disabled people and men that just want to impress the ladies .but as a serious midi system get real .

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