littleBits + Synthtopia Synth Kit Giveaway Winner


Here’s an update on the littleBits + Synthtopia Make Music Sweepstakes:

The winner of the giveaway – which features the littleBits Synth Kit and new Synth Pro Pack – is reader Tim Breitberg

Tim has been contacted by littleBits to arrange delivery of the prizes, which include:

  • littleBits’ Synth Kit ($159.95 value), released in partnership with Korg, allows the user to “do music DIY” using prebuilt modules. Synth Kit “bits” include Power Oscillator Random Keyboard, Micro Sequencer, Envelope, Filter (MS-20 style), Delay, Mix, Split, and Synth Speaker.
  • littleBits’ Synth Pro Pack ($139.95 value) consists of MIDI, CV, and USB I/O modules, enabling the user to connect the kit to additional equipment in the music studio.

Congratulations to Tim and thanks to littleBits for supplying the prizes. You can find out more about their modular building kits at their site.


7 thoughts on “littleBits + Synthtopia Synth Kit Giveaway Winner

  1. Uhhh??? When was this “giveaway” mentioned on this site? I’m here regularly, and I don’t recall every seeing anything about this?

    Who is this mysterious so called “Tim Breitberg?” Or should I say Jake From State Farm?

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