Noise Kitchen Synth Fest Coming June 12-16 In Brno, CZ


Organizers have announced that the Noise Kitchen Synth Fest will be held June 12-16 in Brno, CZ.

Confirmed participants include: Elektron, Koma, MeeBlip, Erica Synths, Burnkit2600, Soulsby, Ginko Synthese, Error Instruments, Din Sync, BR Laser, LEP, LOM Instruments, Bastl Instruments, BuranElektrix, Audiolab and others.

Here’s the official announcement:

Bastl Instruments, Kabinet Múz and Sklen?ná louka invite you to the first year of Synth Fest in Brno, Czech republic. Whole friday in Kabinet Múz would be dedicated to Synth Meeting where you can try and listed to many various synths from all over the world and they would be presented by their makes. In the evening the main hall will turn into a place where dance would be inevitable.

Saturday will host informal moderated brunch with Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music about the present and future of electronic musical instruments. The afternoon will move to Sklen?ná Louka where various synth building workshops will take place. But mainly there will be opening of the very unique synth shop NOISE.KITCHEN. The evening will be dedicate to more experimantal music. Sunday, Monday and maybe also tuesday will be chance to build mainly (but not only) Bastl Instruments modules and synths for really crazy cheap prices!

For details on the event, see the Synth Fest site.

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