Free iMPC Pro Update Adds Loop Slicing & Time Stretching

impc-proAkai Professional and Retronyms have a free update to iMPC Pro – their MPC workstation app for iPad – that adds two major new features: Loop Slicing and Time Stretching.

Here are the updates in iMPC Pro, Version 1.3:

  • Added Slice Loop mode to the Editor.
  • Added support for sliced loops on pads.
  • Added support for sliced loops from the Content Store.
  • Added “Paste All” — now you can paste entire folders from AudioCopy with one tap.
  • Fixed CloudSeeder “latest” feed.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Improved integration with Content Store.

Here’s the official video intro:

Perform and Produce with Sliced Loops

iMPC Pro 1.3 supports time-stretchable loops on any Pads in your Programs. Drop a loop onto a Pad, and it will automatically match the tempo of your Sequence. Freely change pitch with 16 levels and note variation to perform with loops at different pitches or ‘push it to the extreme’ for stretching audio effects.

Loops from the Content Store are compatible, as is any .wav file with standard loop metadata (acidized). You can also create your own from any sample, with the new improved Editor.

Sound Editor 1.3

In the updated Sound Editor, you’ll find a new tab. Next to Trim and Chop to Pads is Slice Loop. Take any loop of audio, mark the beats, and your sliced loop will automatically match your Sequence tempo at any pitch.

Any sample can be Chopped to Pads or Loop Sliced. You can also open loops from the Content Store and chop them to pads in one tap.

iMPC Pro is available for US $12.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used the latest version of iMPC Pro, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

14 thoughts on “Free iMPC Pro Update Adds Loop Slicing & Time Stretching

  1. !!!WARNING!!!

    Do not update!!!

    After updating, I started experiencing some major issues with creating samples.
    1) Samples will not paste from clipboard
    2) Samples will not load/appear after rec via IAA
    3) “My Presets” will not save -this is an old bug but still hasn’t been fixed

    Has anyone else experienced any of these problems??

    1. I disagree. I like Beat Maker 2 very much, and though iMPC had issues at the start, it’s come along well and is now a very capable app. I use it with a PadKontrol and am very happy with it, especially for sketching out ideas. No Audiobus is the main complaint.

    2. Beatmaker 2 may be a decent app, but my god, the interface is craptacular! Not sure who it would appeal to, but it’s completely unintuitive and looks like it was designed in the Windows 3.1 days.

      I really prefer the MPC-style interface on iMPC Pro. It’s straightforward and usable and just makes sense.

      The developers also have been making regular point releases every couple of months ago, so the app is steadily getting better and better. The biggest thing iMPC Pro needs now is to get actual MIDI sequencing capabilities, like its hardware counterpart.

      1. As far as midi goes, if it could at least sync to midi clock this app would be usable to me. Not buying until this basic necessity is implemented. Believe me, I’d love to.

        1. I agree thoroughly. Retronyms always seem to have a persistent MIDI shortfall. iMPC Pro in particular IMO. The only reason I can possibly see for not implementating ‘free’, as in, entirely open MIDI assignments of any controller which to any CC or Note by anyone, or clock, is possible vendor lock-in, but I don’t know that; but I do know it’s an ugly PIA, for me at least. I’m only remotely interested in picking it up again to check the new features… But enough of the garden walls lads. Please!

  2. BM2 and iMPC are pretty much the same app. Akai has a better library of sounds but BM2 has a wider array of effects and better IMO… But iMPC has been buggy as F.

  3. you obviously haven’t used them because they couldn’t be more different, one is linear and one is pattern based, one has midi sequencing of external apps, and one has custom tempos/time signatures per seq, one has ok fx and the other has ok fx that are a bit less dated, one has audiobus and the other has better IAA, on and on and on I don’t have the time to list all of the differences.

    1. Uhhhh I’ve been using BM2 for a lonnnnnng time my friend. First started using it on an iPhone 3GS. That being said, I give INTUA the advantage. Too many reasons to list. But in the end both have pros n cons. As for myself, I only use iOS devices. I own no other gear. I mainly create samples from other apps and paste them in. The midi implementation is not really my concern. I really shouldn’t say iMPC pro has better sounds. It has a better library for glitchy sound fx n what not. What I don’t like about its drum sounds is the amount of tic in em. (As was the case with iMPC) I like thuddy. Just my personal preference.
      Overall, as you pointed out both apps have a different work flow. So I guess it really comes down to that I suppose.

      Btw I “popped over” to the content store. And I popped right the F back. OVERPRICED BOO BOO CAKE samples. Enjoy.

  4. Looks good, hope it’s stable as the last build wasn’t but here’s hoping..

    Can’t wait for beatmaker3 and nanostudio2, both are going to be amazing 😉

  5. Actually timestretch could come really handy. Maybe will open this app more often.
    Bm3 is overdue though. It did not age well and still has some annoying issues concerning midi.

  6. i would never judge an app like this based on the sample library.
    it’s all about features and workflow. bm2 has the features, impc has the pattern based features plus the workflow

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