Novalia Making Printed Paper MIDI Controllers A Reality

UK interactive print specialists Novalia have released previews for new MIDI controllers that are made of printed paper.

Printed MIDI is a combination of printed capacitive touch, MIDI processing and Bluetooth Smart. Printed MIDI can potentially turn any surface into a MIDI controller, whether the surface is flat or curved.

In the video above, Printed MIDI is used to create a paper piano-style controller.

The video below demos Novalia’s interactive Printed MIDI album cover for DJ QBert:

And here’s an example of a prototype printed controller, demonstrated by Swedish musician Cornelia:

Cornelia previously collaborated with Novalia on a printed audio poster.

Novalia’s Printed MIDI works with Apple’s MIDI Bluetooth protocol, which works on OS X Yosemite and iOS8. It can be used to control a variety of MIDI enabled applications on computer, smartphone and tablet, working wirelessly from a printed piece of paper.

Novalia’s Printed MIDI devices have low latency and low power, using a 1.6 mm battery which enables the products to be only a few mm thick. The devices also run the Bluetooth DFU service which enables software to be updated over the air.

Novalia expects to be able to make their new Printed MIDI controllers available within the next month.

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