TASCAM Releases Free Editor For Hi-Res Audio


TASCAM has released TASCAM Hi-Res Editor – a free audio editing application for Windows that supports editing files up to 11.2MHz DSD files or 384k WAV.

The software allows playback and export of DSD files without intermediate conversion to PCM audio.

DSD Audio can be played natively through USB devices that support it, such as the TEAC UD-501 and HA-P90SD. In cases where a PCM interface is used, or even the computer’s built-in audio, the software automatically plays DSD back through the interface at any available sample rate. A section of the DSD file can be exported as a new file, either in DSD or WAV format, to separate one long recording into individual tracks.

Ideal for users of TASCAM’s hi-resolution recorders like the DA-3000, this free Hi-Res Editor software is currently one of the few ways to edit native DSD master recordings.


  • Native DSD audio editing and playback, at sampling rates from 2.8MHz to 11.2MHz
  • WAV file editing and playback support up to 384kHz/32-bit
  • Uses standard ASIO 2.1 audio drivers
  • Set in and out points with waveform audio display for trim/export
  • Set overall gain of file (PCM files only)
  • Split long files into multiple tracks
  • Combine function joins two audio files into one
  • Convert audio files from DSD to PCM or vice-versa
  • Convert PCM sampling frequency and bit depth
  • Runs on Windows (using Windows Standard audio driver or ASIO 2.1)
  • Free download from TASCAM.com

See the TASCAM site for details.

7 thoughts on “TASCAM Releases Free Editor For Hi-Res Audio

    1. Someone is calling me!

      It would indeed be cool to have something like this for ultra high sampling rates for scientific research.

  1. Great move Tascam, now release the same for Mac and while you’re at it something copying the Korg mr2 but in better quality.

    1. And while you’re at it, can you make me: an analog version of the Yamaha DX 7, a sound-bank based on the paintings of Salvador Dali (late period only) and a coffee grinder with solid gold blades?

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