gbXRemote for GarageBand Lets You Use iPhone, iPad As A Wireless Controller

garageband-remoteHarmony System has introduced gbXRemote for GarageBand, a wireless remote control app.

With gbXRemote, you can control, record and playback from anywhere within WiFi range.

gbXRemote uses OSC (Open Sound Control) control surface support to communicate with GarageBand. No special apps are needed on the Mac side. All you need is a working Wi-Fi connection between the Mac running GarageBand and your iPhone or iPod touch.


  • Control transport functions (Rewind, Fast-Forward, Beginning, Play, Stop, Record, Cycle)
  • Choose between two looks/themes
  • Real time bar-beat display
  • Real time time-based display
  • Enable/disable mute, solo, input monitoring and record enabling for each track
  • Adjust overall master volume
  • Adjust current track volume
  • Current track’s name is displayed
  • Select current track
  • Enable/disable Metronome
  • Adjust pan level
  • Adjust echo and reverb sends
  • Control EQ parameters, enable & disable each band

gbXRemote for GarageBand is available now at an introductory price of US $2.99.

4 thoughts on “gbXRemote for GarageBand Lets You Use iPhone, iPad As A Wireless Controller

    1. because you can’t use logic remote on iphone
      I wish this would control logic, then I’d get it
      an iphone remote would be much more useful than ipad

      using the faders/smart controls over wifi is pretty flakey, and the timeing on any of the keyboards/drums suck

      all I really need a remote for is cueing, arming/ recording, adding a track, playback and metronome
      which it looks like it does

      if this works for logic I’ll probably buy it

  1. I just got this and tried it out. It is very intuitive and works like a charm!

    It is nice to be able to pull out the iPhone and control GB.

    Well worth $3.

  2. The reason it costs while Logic Remote is free is most likely that Garageband itself is free. Good choice to make it compatible with iPhone/iPod touch as well. The only negative part is that it requires iOS 8 and I’m not upgrading my ye olde 4S to it, so I’ll stick to TouchOSC. But the app is a boon for solo bedroom musicians. Never again shall one have to press Rec and rush to the closet/bath room to record vocals or ask mom to be a stand in engineer, “Ok mom, so when I shout press this to get back to the starting point and hit record. I want to take a few drum takes. Also, tell everyone to use the bathroom upstairs.”

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