Roland Intros System-1 Software Synth At 2015 Summer NAMM Show

Roland_SYSTEM-1_software_synthesizer2015 Summer NAMM Show: Roland has announced theĀ System-1 Software Synthesizer, a software version of the AIRA System-1 synth.

The System-1 Software Synthesizer with Librarian features many of the same functions as the hardware System-1/1m version. It offers the same sound quality as its hardware counterpart, making it ideal for musicians who either work solely in the software world, or who are considering the hardware version and would like to audition it first. In addition, based on popular user request from the hardware version, the Librarian software has been expanded to now include 64 patches.



  • 2 ultra-versatile oscillators with sub-oscillator and noise generator
  • 12 oscillator types including Super Saw, Super Square, FM, Vowel and more
  • Cross Modulation and oscillator Color controls for continuous waveform changes
  • Advanced arpeggiator with Scatter function
  • 12 dB and -24 dB filter types with independent high-pass filters
  • Tone knob for easy tonal balancing
  • Integrated delay, reverb and crusher effects
  • Tempo syncable LFO and delay
  • Complete editor/librarian and DAW integration for SYSTEM-1 hardware
  • VST and AU compatible

Pricing and Availability

Roland’s System-1 software synthesizer is available now for purchase via download. Regularly priced at $145 US (110 EUR), the soft synth is available to System-1 and System-M owners for an introductory upgrade price of $95 (75 EUR) through August 6. A free trial version is also available. In addition, the Librarian software for SYSTEM-1 is available for free to registered SYSTEM-1/1m owners.

14 thoughts on “Roland Intros System-1 Software Synth At 2015 Summer NAMM Show

  1. I wish this was free to S1 & S1M owners. It is such a useful piece of software that it is practically essential for the owner of the hardware. I’ll buy it, but after giving me the SH-101 plugin shipping this with the hardware makes more sense.

    1. I agree. This should be a freebie for current S1 and S1m owners…
      Particularly since those of us who bought the S1m were not offered the free SH-101 plug, we should absolutely be getting this for free!

        1. Me four! And how come it says in the article “In addition, the Librarian software for SYSTEM-1 is available for free to registered SYSTEM-1/1m owners.” That doesn’t seem to be the case.

            1. That’s just the trial version in downloads – and it’s available to everyone. It does function as a librarian so maybe that is what they mean? It won’t activate for me and I have the System-1m and all the other plug-outs.

              1. How dare they hide a patch editor in a trial plug-in. C’mon Roland this is a bit pretentious. System-1 and m owners really ought to get the plug-in for free. Just because you released the plug-in late and out of order doesn’t mean you need to make it all confusing. It’s bad enough you didn’t let m owners get the benefit of the SH-101 deal even though most people bought it well within the intro offer timeframe.

                Recap: System-1 plug-in and patch manager software for free with hardware purchase and then pay for the plug-outs in the Roland Content Store.

                Could’ve been a streamlined package but you had to make it stupid. Could’ve made up for the speed bumps but you had to forge on with stupid.

                Great piece of hardware. Your engineers are genius. Your marketing guys and bean counters have it completely wrong.

  2. I tried the demo- Looks awful, too small on a 4k monitor and blurry when enlarged. Sound is just Ok, buts it’s a very basic synth, realy nothing special, if it wasn’t Roland it woulnt get a look against the current (cheaper) crop of VA synths.

    1. Hi, could you please elaborate on that? In the article above Roland claims: ‘It offers the same sound quality as its hardware counterpart..’.

      1. I think the point is that once something is wrapped in hardware it instantly sounds better.
        Even if it’s exactly the same sound.

      2. I haven’t heard the hardware, it apparently has 96k audio conversion, so I guess you would have to run your audio interface at that to hear it as the hardware, but as it uses over 50% of my Cpu on a simple patch (i7 4ghz) I don’t think I will bother. It is a simpe SH101 type subtractive VA however you look at it…Diva, Lush, ImpOscar2 etc all sound better, use less cpu, ha e more features and cost less.

        1. I bought it, sounds good in the mix but be warned it is such a cpu resource hog I’m surprised they havent bothered to update it.

          1. That’s why the hardware version only has 4-voice polyphony. They’re doing analog component modeling, which is more accurate but also a resource hog.

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