Roland Releases SH-101 Plug-Out Software Synth at 2015 Summer NAMM Show

Roland_SH-101_Plug-Out_Software_Synthesizer2015 Summer NAMM Show: Roland today introduced the SH-101 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer.

It was previously introduced as a ‘Plug-Out’ synth for the Roland System-1 hardware synth and is now available for purchase as a software synth.

Like its hardware counterpart, the new SH-101 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer is a reproduction of Roland’s iconic SH-101 monophonic synth from the 1980s, down to the details and odd quirks that make the original one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time.

Based on Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, the new soft synth recreates the behavior of the analog circuitry underlying the original’s synth engine. Included are classic SH-101 synth sounds — bass, lead, noise, and sound effects. The SH-101 Plug-Out software synth also adds reverb, chorus, delay and crusher effects that were not included in the original.



  • Designed based on face-to-face consultation with the original designers and research beyond the original schematics
  • Meticulously recreated oscillator and filter behavior—hallmarks of the SH-101 sound
  • Authentic behaviors including the unique interaction between low pass filter and envelope controls
  • Faithfully reproduces the unstable fluctuations that resulted from quirks in the SH-101’s circuitry
  • Classic SH-101 synth sounds—bass, lead, noise, and sound effects
  • Software layout features standard gray model, as well as red and blue models originally sold as limited editions
  • Two envelope sections allow different settings for VCF and VCA while maintaining the option of classic SH-101 envelope behavior
  • Reverb, chorus, delay and crusher effects that were not included in the original
  • Run as many instances as your computer can handle
  • Use SYSTEM-1 as a dedicated USB keyboard controller with lighted knobs and sliders that show only available parameters
  • PLUG-OUT with SYSTEM-1 lets you take an authentic SH-101 wherever you go, from mobile production to live performance
  • Transfer sounds between SYSTEM-1 and SH-101 with PLUG-OUT
  • Supports Macintosh and Windows, and AU and VSTi formats

Pricing and Availability

Roland’s SH-101 Plug-Out software synthesizer is available now for purchase via download for $145 US. A free trial version is also available. More information is available at the Roland content store.

16 thoughts on “Roland Releases SH-101 Plug-Out Software Synth at 2015 Summer NAMM Show

  1. That’s pretty useful actually. I’ve been hankering for a 101 VST, so now I can A-B-C this with TAL Bassline and the D16 demos to see which suits my wants. Mind you I’ve dropped on the Korg Legacy collection this month so might need to let the wallet cool do wn a bit first!

  2. I’d pick this up if they split it into four different products and added built in speakers.

  3. I feel like once a synth becomes a “classic” then people forget why it became a classic.

    Yes, SH-101s do nice lead and bass sounds. This is not why it is a classic.

    The SH-101 is one of the most playable vintage synthesizers out there. Sequencer, arpeggiator, CVs in and out, pitch wheel, every useful parameter with a nice big slider next to it. Instant jams with clock in from a 606. Ideal heart of a modular as well.

    These things are why it is a classic, also because it was very cheap at the time. Making a vst version of one makes about as much sense as making a vst of a monotribe, volca, or microbrute will in the future.

    1. I had one for a while and it really is the fattest synthesizer I have heard in my life. The thing would make my whole house vibrate with its rumbling sub basses.

  4. This is one of the most incredible vsts I have on my system, it floors all other analogue emulations when mixing itb and holds it’s own against all my actual analogue gear. Roland have done a great job here…

    1. It really doesn’t ‘floor’ most modern VA’s, its sounds ‘just as good’ but is limited to what a 101 was limited to, many modern VA VST will give you exactly the same sound quality but with more options. I have a modular, A4 etc- no software sounds exactly like real analogue, but some of the UHE stuff in HQ mode at 96K comes closest- problem is its cheaper to buy real analogue than sound better and never click and pop due to CPU overload than ubber powerful PC/MAC’s to run the ’emulations’. If you want real analogue, buy real analoge (start a small modular) – in the end it costs less than keep buying VST’s, doesn’t crash and actual has a resale value!

  5. Everyone is claiming Analog Circuit Behaviour, but ultimately all that matters is what you personally like the sound of, most people have never heard an original, and even the originals sound different! Ultimately its a simple subtractive synth and can be emulated and improved on by most software VA’s like Diva and Lush101 -Personal, I think Lush101 sounds better and is certainly more versatile.
    Price is fair, but if you already have (for example) Diva, then you probably don’t need it, and if you don’t have Diva, you should probably buy that first!

  6. Is $145 not way overpriced for an SH101 emulation?

    TAL’s version is only $60 and has a better feature set. D16’s LuSH is a similar price but that seems like it’s a different level of beast altogether.

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