New PUC+ Adds Bluetooth 4.0 To Your MIDI Hardware

Zivix has announced the Puc+ – a low-latency Universal Bluetooth MIDI Interface.

The Puc+ connects to 5-pin and USB MIDI devices and adds Bluetooth support, which allows for approx 30-40ft of wireless connectivity. 

The Puc+ is recognized by iOS 8.2+ enabled iPhone or iPad devices or Macs running Yosemite as an available MIDI device in music apps.

According to Zivix, latency is under 15 milliseconds. It transmits at an interval of 11.25ms, so additional latency is platform/software dependent.

Here are the official intro videos:

How to check for Bluetooth 4.0 support:

Production of the Puc+ is being funded via an IndieGoGo project, which is already half-funded. The Puc+ is available to project backers starting at US $89.

6 thoughts on “New PUC+ Adds Bluetooth 4.0 To Your MIDI Hardware

  1. I would advise anybody to consider avoiding Bluetooth in their setup if possible.
    We have enough microwave radiation surrounding us in our lives from WiFi, 3G, 4G etc. and frankly the research into the associated health risks is far behind the rapid implementation and evolution of the technology so the concept of using it to transmit MIDI is, in my opinion, pretty needless.

    1. Did you know that some electromagnetic radiation is so bad you can actually see it with your naked eyes? This unnatural technology is never investigated because of all the money the lightbulb industry pours into elections.

  2. 15 ms isn’t that low. I’d consider 5 or 6 ms kind of a minimum tolerable to be called “low latency”.

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