The Korg MS-20 Mini Looks Pretty Awesome With Custom Wood Side Panels


Shortly after the Korg MS-20 Mini was introduced David Picciuto, aka the DrunkenWoodworker, shared with us a video that documents how he made custom wood end caps for his Mini.

We noticed today that AfroDJMac has added this mod to his Mini, and that Picciuto has the custom wood end caps available via his site for US $125.

Here are some additional images of a modded MS-20 Mini: korg-ms-20-mini-wood-panels ms-20-mini-wood-panels ms-20-wood-panels

Update: Here’s a video demo of installing this mod, via reader Stephanie McKeon:

If you’ve got your own synth mods to share, leave a link in the comments!

19 thoughts on “The Korg MS-20 Mini Looks Pretty Awesome With Custom Wood Side Panels

  1. I gotta say, maybe it seems like a little thing, but I really love what these wooden side panels have done to my MS-20 Mini. It just seems like a much more serious piece of gear. I guess it’s placebo, but I swear it just makes it more fun 🙂 Thanks for the fine work, David!

  2. that looks so nice!! i would want to get a deep-black stain though… so it matches my piano and other gear.

  3. Seems like your Mini would be a lot less likely to get damaged, with an inch of solid wood on the ends, instead of plastic.

  4. I actually like the industrial look of the original black sides. All black is a strong statement. I wonder what a very dark wood (almost black) would look like.

  5. $125?! That’s a rip off. Anyone have a screwdriver, a pencil, and a bandsaw? Really tough stuff to remove each side panel, trace it out on a wood sheet of your choice, fire up the band saw, do some light sanding and stain. $125 please. Weeeeeeee!!

    1. It’s a lot of money but hardly a ripoff. Good wood is expensive, and the tools and skills needed to get this kind of quality are things you pay for as well.

    2. So $125 is a ripoff is it? How much did your fantastic bandsaw cost, out of interest? I don’t have one, sadly, but I’m sure you’ll let me use it for free. And apart from materials, how much do you charge an hour to trace, cut, sand, stain and assemble? I guess you resent paying more than $6 for a t-shirt produced with sweatshop labor, too. But hey, this is the Internet so each to his or her own

      1. Hahaha. Could you be any more specious? Numbnuts. Look up the costs yourself. You can buy a table band saw for $125 at Home Depot, etc. jackass. $125 is ridiculous. This guy will get undercut in an instant at that price. I guess if you’re an old guy, office drone dabbler with money to burn who pays $400 for speaker interconnects or something than these are for you. Or maybe a MacBeth synth.

  6. Korg really shoulda made it like this in the first place. im sure they lost a lot of sales from the cheap, flimsy plastic ends they put on the mini that crack and split just from looking at them. made the whole synth look cheap in one single move.

    if youve ever made your own wooden synth ends, its not easy to do, and easy to screw up things like splitting pointy, sharp corners, getting the stain wrong, for $125 its a bargain! congrats! i hope you sell a ton.

  7. Black synth, walnut panels…works every time!
    Makes any machine look like it’s worth a few bob more, regardless of what it is.

    Price is a bit high, mind you…Shop around, or learn a bit of carpentry folks!

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