OWL Modular Programmable Eurorack Module Available August 1

owl-modular-eurorack-moduleRebel Technology has announced that the OWL Modular programmable digital audio Eurorack module will be released Aug 1 in London:

We’ll be holding a little launch event for the OWL Modular at the London Music Hackspace, this Saturday 1 August at 5pm. Come down to see us and get hands on with the new arrival!

We’ll be showing off the sonic capabilities of the patch library as well as demonstrating how to load up Faust, C++ and Pure Data patches. Bring your own code!

Based on the OWL Pedal, the Modular adds CV control and DC-coupled inputs and outputs, while retaining full patch compatibility. The platform is open source and a community of patch developers has created a diverse library of more than 70 effects for it, including phasers, flangers, delays, reverbs, distortion, compression and filters.

The OWL features an ARM Cortex M4 processor and, according to the developers, “it delivers outstanding performance and audio quality”.

Here’s the official OWL Modular video teaser:

The OWL Modular is available for pre-order at the Rebel Technology site for £319.00.

7 thoughts on “OWL Modular Programmable Eurorack Module Available August 1

    1. Buyers seem to prefer single function modules – with dedicated controls – over programmable ones.

      The Ardcore can replace dozens of dedicated modules, but you don’t see people doing this.

      I’d like to see ValhallaDSP put their reverbs on this.

      1. most modules are single function..that is just the current state of things

        when a company like ROLAND’s first entry into the eurorack market is all reprogrammable
        this is a clear sign that more are coming .

        How long will it be until Native Instruments, Propellerhead and ,Arturia start making modules ….
        – i am counting the days
        as for the ADRCORE if your not using it to replace modules ,
        i think you missing the point of buying one .

  1. A faceless control panel, no thanks I’ll stick to non programmable modules. That’s why I like eurorack…..

  2. that 8-bit button controllerism video is more musical than a majority of the modular videos that are presented

  3. Good start in providing a platform that addresses the deficiencies of current on the market offerings like Ardcore, Audio , and Higher end ARM .Would have liked to have seen a few toggle controls for developers to utilize also.
    A Nice touch would be to have different colour knobs , [ but most DIYers can do this themselves] so code function is memorable and relateable-ie so not entirely Faceless- , after all we are just Monkeys who like things to play with!

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