Quantum VJ Puts 8-Bit Glitch Visuals In The Palm Of Your Hand


Developer Alexander Zolotov (SunVox, PixiTracker, Virtual ANS, PhonoPaper) has introduced Quantum VJ – a pocket-sized glitch-style 8-bit audio visualizer.

Any audio source can be connected Quantum VJ through the jack plug (3.5mm). It also can visualize some electromagnetic interference when the audio input is not connected.

Here’s a demo of Quantum VJ in action:

There are six display modes that can be switched by the button.

Pricing and availability for Quantum VJ are to be announced. See Zolotov’s site for more info.

16 thoughts on “Quantum VJ Puts 8-Bit Glitch Visuals In The Palm Of Your Hand

      1. he could make an app version, then video out be no problem
        he does make both android and iPad apps, one of few who does

        1. yeah make this an app and also make this a euro rack module with an hdmi out
          im always wanty ha
          very cool device tho well done man!

  1. Built in mic would be nice so you could wear it as jewelry at a club/concert…assuming the battery holds out for a few hours.

  2. I have absolutely zero use for this.

    But, I have a feeling I’m going to buy it. And stare at it for three days then put it in a drawer and not see it again for 3 years. A lot like those Buddha Box things I for some messed up reason bought all of…

    I’m crazed.

  3. The visuals that this device generates have a look that’s quite similar to video containing white and black pixels of digital audio data, as generated and used by “PCM adaptors” (used in conjunction with a VCR to record digital audio, it was DAT’s predecessor) , like Sony’s PCM-F1, PCM-501ES or PCM-1600. (Except this gadget’s visuals look a bit more wild and wooly..!!! 🙂 )

    Here’s what some PCM adaptor video looks like, for comparison:


  4. A plastic white thin case making this thing a necklace talisman would be cool, as long as I could recharge it, replacing batteries would get old because I’d want to let it run all day. I really like this though! No need for video out, what it is, is enough. Looks great so far!

  5. Zolotov is a madman and I love him. Virtual ANS is one of my favorite apps, and he’s one of only a handful of people really pushing video synthesis. And he does it all in the most wonderfully strange ways; you can spot one of his projects a mile off.

  6. I think the screen is broken or something, it’s all blurry and staticy.

    I can barley make out whatever Kardashian show it’s playing.

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