Arturia BeatStep Pro In-Depth Hands-On Demos


Arturia has released a series of videos, embedded below, that offer a hands-on look at getting started with their new BeatStep Pro step sequencer and MIDI controller.

In the video below, Glen Darcey, Arturia VP Product Management, takes you through the drum sequencer of the BeatStep Pro:

Next, Darcey demos the BeatStep Pro melodic sequencers:

This video looks at the connectivity of the BeatStep Pro:

In the next video, Darcey takes a look at using BeatStep Pro with Ableton Live:

The BeatStep Pro is available now, with a street price of about US $250.

7 thoughts on “Arturia BeatStep Pro In-Depth Hands-On Demos

  1. Looks like bad-ass little sequencer. If I still my hardware setup, I could easily see myself picking this up. Just out of curiosity, are there any hardware sequencers currently on the market that come close to what BSP can do?

      1. What? To buy a BCR2000 in the UK it’s about £130. Then you have to buy the Zaquencer software which is about £50. Then, if you actually want to know what any of the knobs/buttons are doing you would want the stick on overlay for about £15, so that’s £185 total. Like you say, it only does midi.

        I can pick up a Beatstep Pro for £179 and get a decent MIDI *and* CV capable sequencer.

        I’m not knocking Zaquencer, but the Beatstep Pro is pretty good for the money also. I understand that the Zaquencer does 4 tracks, but it ain’t gonna run my Eurorack without extra parts.

  2. Probably the best, most intuitive available IMHO.

    No wants from the CV/Gate side of things as far as I’m concerned. Velocity outs (just an additional CV out) really knocks it out of the park.

    MIDI is a mixed bag as far as the Drum Sequencer section is concerned. If your drum machine is from the era of “channel 10” and instruments/parts are assigned to a certain note scale on a single channel you’re good and can map the drum map to whatever note you need (16 total). If your drum machine doesn’t use or respond to MIDI velocity messages you cannot change the BSP to send a different CC value to that instrument/part (like part mixer level) from that pad to something else like you can with a simple patch cable with CV. You also can’t assign a drum pad in the Drum Sequencer to a specific MIDI channel. So if your individual drums are on separate MIDI channels you’re out of luck. Firmware updates have been suggested but whether they’re going to implement is still unknown.

    An otherwise stellar sequencer/ controller.

  3. There is a lot that is good about this beast – by design.
    In practice it desperately needs new firmware and there are some quite basic defects in the unit I have (had).
    If they can get the firmware delivering what it says on the tin, and there is some way to go here, then IMO it’s the best sequencer money to be spent.

    early days – hopefully realise it’s full potential soon.

  4. Could you use the beatstep pro to sequencer maschine? Ideally maschine inside ableton. I have the maschine H/W but the step sequencer terrible to use.

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