Livid Announces Minim Wireless Controller; Launches Kickstarter

Livid Instruments has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their newest instrument, Minim.

Instrument developers describe Minim as “the world’s first pocket-sized wireless instrument designed for mobile music creation.” Minim’s design allows for “intuitive” control over iOS apps, DAWs, software plug-ins, MIDI effects units, among others.

LIVID_MinimMinim includes a stand-alone app that bridges third-party apps using the Minim’s controls, which enables players to use Minim as an instrument, sampler, sequencer, and song creation device.

Minim features touch- and pressure-sensitive controls, 3D motion sensors, and wireless connectivity. As an expressive control surface, Minim can act as a controller, multi-effects unit, sampler, or studio assistant. It integrates with a variety of apps and software to activate and tweak effects, control recording sessions, trigger samples, create new sounds, and control lighting or video.

This video looks at how Livid came to design the Minim:

The next video looks at how Livid prototyped the Minim:

Here’s a look at the technical side of Minim:

The next video looks at using Minim with Beatmaker 2:

Pricing and Availability

Production of the Livid Minim is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign. Retail price for the Minim is US $149, but it is available to backers for $99.

For more information or for updates, visit the Livid Minim Kickstarter page.

One thought on “Livid Announces Minim Wireless Controller; Launches Kickstarter

  1. I’m backer at Kickstarter campaign. It’s piece of shit the Minim. The build quality is shit, the USB port doesn’t charge the Minim. And over 650 backers are complaining about the same… Not worth the money… and I ordered TWO…!!! Such a waste of time and money… The promised to be available in February, and they delivered in June, but I had to pay October last year…

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