The Korg Volca Mix – Real Or Fake?


It looks like there may be a new member in the Korg Volca family coming.

An image of the Korg Volca Mix – what appears to be a mini-mixer, designed for 1/8″ out devices – has appeared on Create Digital Music and Facebook.

No official announcement has been made for the Korg Volca Mix, so it’s not clear yet if this is a leak or Photoshop/3D-modeled wishful thinking.

We’ll have news on the Korg Volca Mix if/when it is officially announced. We have reached out to Korg for comment.

In the meantime, though, check it out and let us know what you think. Is there a need for an inexpensive mobile mixer, designed for mini devices with 1/8″ outputs?

32 thoughts on “The Korg Volca Mix – Real Or Fake?

    1. for those of you who don’t sprechen sie deutsch:

      Hello Korg Friends! Hope you’re having a great sunday. Had 3DStudio open yesterday while daydreaming a little… and I made a Volca Mixer. What do you think?

    1. the monotrons, volcas, ms20 mini, and lots of other small size analog gear recently have all had 1/8th” outputs, so could be a good fit with some peoples’ gear – just leave 1 or 2 each of 1/4″ and xlr inputs on the side too to keep it real world applicable. also what are the outputs?? if this is real anyway…

      would be WAY more excited to see more mini reissue or new mini synths released, like a vco poly, a ‘deluxe’ family that was a step up from the volca keys bass beats and ms20 mini maybe, or new reissue like polysix, trident, ps3100, etc.

      awesomest reissue these days would be the Rhodes Chroma, initially designed by ARP, would be a great ‘completion’ of the vco reissue trend Korg has on a roll here, and stays in keeping with the ARP friendship theme too. Chroma mini and 2600 mini would be so godly…

  1. Regarding the Fotoforensics analysis :

    This image seems to be computer generated.
    Product might be real, but definitely a CGI.
    If you look at the 3 middle audio in jacks, they’re similar.

    Sorry dudes, hope it’s real, but doesn’t seem so, at least on this picture.
    Pleasure to help on the next question.

    BTW, fyi, this is what a correct picture looks like when analyzed, you’ll see the differences through the borders, excluding the jpeg artefacts :

  2. it does look pretty useful for people who exclusively play live with iPads and mobile devices that only have a headphone 1/8″ output

  3. Not convinced. 1/8th inch sockets don’t line up with the knobs below them. The black pad on the left doesn’t line up with the larger pad on the right. The larger pad on the right isn’t symmetrical within the right hand panel and doesn’t line up with the buttons above. There’s a lack of symmetry that suggests it’s not real.

    But anything is possible!

  4. Took me about 2 seconds to see it’s CGI. Has that definite plastic feel to the lighting.

    It would be very cool though ( and kinda sensible ) if Korg did make it real.

  5. don’t care if it’s real or fake, I want korg to make this, an effects/mixer volca would be dope
    not sure if this would be the best layout, between the volcas, monotrons, pocket operators, patchblocks, iphone, something like this would be great, it’s annoying to have to plug a mixer into the wall to mix together all these battery powered synths

  6. If you want this sort of thing you could always buy a second hand korg kmx8. I use one as a synth mixer and it’s a brilliant bit of gear. Basic eq on the master out and fx routing per channel. 3.5mm to 6.5mm cable adapters or cables are easy to come by. As a desk it’s good for performance.

    1. yeah, but the main selling point to this is not only battery, but the 3.5mm inputs
      there’s really nothing else on the market that does that
      and yeah you can find adapters, I have plenty, but the idea is to not have to use them if you don’t want

  7. I would much rather they dropped the price of the ms20 mini in the uk , like they have in the us. Yet again the uk get ripped off.
    Anybody would think we had dropped the bomb on em

  8. Wish they still made the KMX8. Wish they made this. I’m happy with my ART PowerMIX III. Sounds clean. Set it and forget it. This thing you could jam on though. No pan knob? No problem. FUNC + Level. I also like how his design doesn’t have too much MIDI. No need for out or thru. This is Volca.

    1. Not too sure about the FUNC + Level idea. If you were to pan something hard right for example, you then surely wouldn’t be able to change the channel’s level without it jumping suddenly up to max volume.

      Personally, I would like to see a 1/4″ output jack on something like this.

      1. I know I’m making an argument for something crazy. You are absolutely right but you get that same kind of behavior messing with the Part Level knob on the Volca Beats so I’m kinda OK with it.

  9. This isn’t really great reporting here. It’s said several times on CDM and the original facebook post that this is a non-official mock-up. This would be a very cool product but there’s never been any doubt that Korg did not produce this image.

  10. Still useful even if not used with the Volca synths

    but if Korg gadget could be used instead to be the mixer or maybe this as a contoller to pair with it and the volca Synths

  11. I would definitely use something like this. I use gameboys and other small synths so it would definitely be nice to have a mixer like this.

  12. I’d rather see a volca 4track
    – record line level signals to 1 of 4 tracks from 1 of 4 corresponding inputs
    – record either the internal clock or the external sync input to a dedicated clock track
    – change tempo without effecting the pitch of recorded tracks

    There’s really not much gear available that will let you build up songs by recording synchronized sequences layer by layer without using a computer.

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