New ‘Frobe’ Analog Synth, Inspired By Classic Moog Modular

This video, via glkibler, is a preview of the Frobe modular synthesizer – a new analog synth, inspired by the classic Moog modular:

“What better way to test if a Moog is sounding like a Moog than with a little taste of Aquatarkus?”

The synth featured in the demo is a hand-wired prototype.


  • 3x Voltage Controlled Oscillators
  • 1x Low Pass Filter (24db/Oct 4-pole)
  • 2x Low Frequency VCO (LFOs)
  • 4x ADSR Envelope Generators:
  • 4x Voltage Controlled Amplifiers
  • 1x Sample and Hold
  • 1x Noise Generator (Pink, White, Random)
  • 1x CV Recorder/Dual Channel Sequencer
  • 1x 4-Channel Mixer
  • 2x Multiples Panel
  • 1x Ring Modulator
  • 1x Gated Slew (Portamento)
  • 1x MIDI-to-CV Conversion
  • 1x +/-15V 1.5A Power Supply”

Official details on specs, pricing and availability for the Frobe modular synth are to come, but the developer’s goal is to get the cost of the modular system under $5k.

via matrixsynth

4 thoughts on “New ‘Frobe’ Analog Synth, Inspired By Classic Moog Modular

  1. The system in the video does not appear to have all those modules. Maybe the final system will be larger. Great sound! I have a Mos-Lab System 1P. I need some patch training though! How do you make a patch like this? Sounds like sawtooth waves to me.

  2. sells a nice modular system that’s arguably a good evolution of the original Moog modular, and the company has a decade+ track record.

    They’ve got a portable 3-Osc system that’s under 3k.not cheap, but fair for what you get.

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