6 thoughts on “8-Bit Guitar Using WebSid

  1. That pretty much solidified whether or not I should get a Fishman Triple Play. I’ve been making do with Jam Origin MIDI Guitar and it’s ok but a little wonky. I’m not as good as the guitarist in the video so it seems like the Fishman is more than enough to keep up with me.

      1. I somehow missed the latency. I was focused on the polyphony. However there are other demos that purport to have low latency, like the Sweetwater guys.

        I’ve tried MIDImorphosis and don’t remember it keeping up. However it’s been a while since I’ve fired up that app. Jam Origin Midi Guitar is almost there. I was hoping to not have to shell out $1000 for the Lineage Guitar which is the only way to guarantee lag-free playing.

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