IK Multimedia Launches SampleTank Custom Shop

sampletank-custom-shopIK Multimedia has introduced SampleTank Custom Shop, a new intro version of SampleTank 3.

SampleTank Custom Shop comes with a fully functional library of 30 instruments — including 8 completely new instruments and the widely acclaimed Grand Piano 1 SE — that can be edited, manipulated and customized. SampleTank Custom Shop also lets you browse, purchase and play the growing collection of SampleTank 3 Instruments available in the Custom Shop — including the new Alan Parsons Grand Piano, American Acoustic Guitar, Neil Peart Drums, Billy Cobham Drums, Future Synths and more.

The Custom Shop

SampleTank Custom Shop also provides full access to SampleTank 3’s built-in Custom Shop (previously only available for users of SampleTank 3 and SampleTank 3 SE). SampleTank 3 Instruments cover a wide variety of uses from the electronic dance music-centric Elektronika and Beats series to the acoustic guitar sounds of American Acoustic to the “stone room” drum sound of Hugh Padgham Drums and beyond.

SampleTank Custom Shop can be easily upgraded to the full or SE version of SampleTank 3. The full version features a massive library of over 33 GB of content. This base library can also be expanded via the numerous SampleTank 3 Instruments available in the Custom Shop.

Pricing and Availability

SampleTank Custom Shop is available now via the IK Online Store at no cost. SampleTank 3 Instruments start as low as $/€29.99 in the IK Custom Shop or Online Store (with 10 Gear Credit discount).

The full version of SampleTank 3 is available starting at $/€199.99. SampleTank 3 SE, an affordable special edition with 6.5 GB of sounds, is available for just $/€99.99.

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