Minim Mobile Controller Doubles Its Kickstarter Goal

Backers have committed more than double Livid’s Kickstarter $40,000 goal for their Minim mobile MIDI controller. The project has reached nearly $100,000 in funding, with about a week left to go.

The developers describe Minim as “the world’s first pocket-sized wireless instrument designed for mobile music creation.” Minim’s design allows for control over iOS apps, DAWs, software plug-ins, MIDI effects units and more.

Livid has also released a new video, embedded above, that looks at the core technologies of the Minim.

The Livid Minim is available to project backers for US $99.

6 thoughts on “Minim Mobile Controller Doubles Its Kickstarter Goal

  1. I think it looks pretty cool. Like the next step up from my Numark Orbit. Hope they can get them to distributors as the international shipping is 30% of the price of the thing itself.

  2. “A touchscreen can’t tell how hard you hit it…”

    Somebody’s gonna get real mad when the new iPhone is announced.

    1. The Macbook and Apple Watch already have “Force Touch”, rumored to be coming to iPhone in Sept and then iPad. The issue is Apple’s implementation and how this is processed as hardware and fed to the software. The main features so far seem to be relating to pressure on and off, rather than a range of pressure sensitivities. So you touch to select a folder, and “force touch” to open a folder. So it is implemented and it is coming to all devices, it is just a question of how sensitive it is for a range of pressure, rather than a simple process of pressure on and off. Would be good if it has a nice sensitive range, making a pressure controller the size of an iPhone obsolete, and making an iPad an amazing midi controller for multi-touch playing, pitch sliding and modulation. We will see a lot of this, as we move closer to the singularity, new tech is made obsolete at the point it is announced – the biggest single reason for companies failing is this lack of vision.

    1. Not too well. But the ISS has its own micro accelerators, so maybe try hooking them up to some MIDI modulation. Maybe, you could use the moon, earth and other bodies as a kinda slow LFO – which would beat a tacky guitar rendition of some space themed pop song. The ISS is just an expensive modular rack in orbit, patch in what you like.

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