CME XKey37 Review – “It’s Certified Dope”

The latest episode of theย BBoy Tech Report is a video review of theย CME XKey37 MIDI control keyboard.

The CME XKey37 is a low-profile desktop keyboard MIDI controller that has thin piano-size, velocity-sensitive keys. It also features polyphonic aftertouch, a feature that’s rare even on full-size keyboards.

The CME XKey37 is avialable now, with a street price of about US $200. See the CME site for details.

16 thoughts on “CME XKey37 Review – “It’s Certified Dope”

      1. but they do, sort of keyboard button pressing sound. I have this little thing and kind of like that sound. But even if you don’t like it really it is not much to worry about unless you intend to record it for some reason.

    1. It is certainly not designed to play piano (although you can somewhat do that too) on it, but with poly aftertouch support it is great for moving/changing sounds fx and pads. So if you tried to use it not for the purpose it fits the best, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is crap ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have it and I’m very happy to have great lightweight midi controller I can take with me in the back pack along with laptop anywhere I go, as well as use in studio to play my hardware synths with aftertouch and polyaftertouch.

  1. I love this controller. It works perfectly for playing iPad synths. Just plug and play. The polyphonic aftertouch is dope. Makes playing things like Animoog super expressive.

  2. I’m one of those who loves the XKey. Yes, its a tad clicky, but in this case, its part of the form and function, not a real issue. Its become a regular tool that makes my work easier to tackle. I need a full keyboard for some things, but despite my previous scoffing at mini-controllers, this one has proven its merits. The QuNexus, as an example, has its pluses for some, but the XKey bridges the right gaps for me. Don’t dismiss any of these toys too easily. Its sometimes surprising how the unexpected will ring yer bell. Years ago, when I landed a Boss DSD-2 Digital Sampling/Delay pedal, I almost wore it on a neck chain like a magic amulet. ๐Ÿ˜€

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